Fifteen Nine Cafe & Bar – Jalan Riang (Closed)

(Fifteen Nine Cafe & Bar had since ceased operations.)

Fifteen Nine takes over the former premises of Rokeby at Jalan Riang within Bradley Heights, situated just a short walk away from Wimbly Lu’s first outlet at Jalan Riang.

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Decked in a more bar-like setting, Fifteen Nine’s interior makes use of neon lighting and cement walls with chalkboards to create a more industrial design theme. Simple metallic chairs are used, while the tables are adorned with drawings for a fun look. The menu offered at Fifteen Nine can be described as a mix of cafe-esque offerings with bar bites/mains coming together as one; there is a small selection of appetisers with “Pit-zas” (pita bread-pizza fusion) and a range of main dishes and desserts available. Apart from alcoholic drinks, coffee and tea are just some of the beverages hat are available here.

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(Mac & Cheese Escargot)

The Mac & Cheese Escargot was one of the items that caught our attention on the menu for its hard to come by both Mac & Cheese and escargot to appear in the same dish. The Mac & Cheese was generally decent with string cheese and macaroni that gives a bite, though could have done slightly better with a bit more cheese but this does fit those who prefer their Mac & Cheese to come not overly cheesy. That being said, we also found the Mac & Cheese a little greasy at the bottom of the casserole. We are not big fans of escargot, but we were actually pretty fine with the escargot that came along; there was not much of a distinct stench nor flavour from the escargot — it seemed to be in to provide a bouncy texture that was pretty consistent with the Mac & Cheese overall rather than for its taste.

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(Monotone Fish & Chips)

The Monotone Fish & Chips were pretty decent; the portion served seemed to be more generous with chips, which was pretty standard and nothing much to shout about though comes seasoned with a bit of salt. The fried fish came with a crisp batter speckled with black and white sesame which adds to the crunch and provided a hint of roasty flavour, while the fish was flaky though could have been better if moister.

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(Cinnamon Churros)

The Cinnamon Churros came with a description at the bottom stating “small bites of churros served with chocolate drizzles and strawberries” — not sure what happened to our portion which seemed to lack both chocolate drizzles and strawberries, though coming with blueberries on the side. The small Churro bites did deliver with its crispness and a hint of cinnamon from the cinnamon sugar it was dusted with, but were a little mushy inside.

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(Flat White)

Flat White was pretty well-executed, especially at a bar-cum-cafe establishment. The Flat White was creamy with a light body and an earthy flavour profile.

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(Blue Chai Galaxy)

We also went for the Blue Chai Galaxy which is yet another variant of a “galaxy” drink with blue pea flower infusion that changes colour from blue to purple after the slice of lemon is being squeezed into it. Probably something to be ordered more for the looks than the actual flavour, the drink seemed to lack the distinct aroma of Chai overall.

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Fifteen Nine felt like a place that had both hits and misses; the food is generally decent but forgettable despite being interesting conceptually — there was the use of very interesting combinations of ingredients but the execution was not exactly the most memorable. One particular issue that was rather stark during our visit was how some of the food items do not seem to tie up with their menu descriptions such as our order of the Cinnamon Churros — the staff did not mention about the changes made to the dish; the situation could have been handled better if they were able to address the lack of chocolate drizzles and strawberries at any point of time before the order arrived our table. The staff also generally seemed to be much on the quiet side; a lack of interaction with the patrons from entry and throughout the visit — felt a little cold overall. Hopefully, these are just teething issues for an F&B establishment that is newly-opened and starting out, but Fifteen Nines does have a few things to fix in the long run.

Fifteen Nine
15-9 Jalan Riang
Singapore 358987

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