Peranakan Flavours – Tan Quee Lan Street

Peranakan Flavours had recently made its return to F&B scene in Singapore, having reopened at Tan Quee Lan Street near the Bugis MRT Station exit along the Downtown Line after its move out of The Ardennes Hotel at Jalan Klapa.

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Decorated in a simple and modest fashion, the interior of Peranakan Flavours is kept spacious without much clutter despite its small shop space. The walls are decked with shelves adorned with Peranakan crockery, as well as paintings as well as clippings from the press about their restaurant while functional furnishings take up most of the floor space such as the wooden tables and cushioned seats. Peranakan Flavours offers an ala-carte menu which features mostly classic Peranakan dishes meant for communal dining, while a set lunch menu is also available where dishes are served in individual portions and comes with a choice of rice, noodles or bread; patrons are also able to opt for the Calamansi Juice with a top-up of a dollar.

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(House Spice Laksa Goreng)

Going for an item from the ala-carte menu to share, we went for the House Spice Laksa Goreng. This was one of the better dry Laksa dishes out there; the portion comes good to share amongst 2 to 3 pax since the items listed on the ala-carte menu are intended to be shared. The noodles are slurpy, while the flavours of the rempah spices are evident and well-balanced with the coconut milk to form a slightly creamy yet fragrant Laksa base that lace around the noodles for good flavour. The House Spice Laksa Goreng also comes with a good portion of other condiments, such as slices of taupok which were able to absorb the essence and flavours of the Laksa base, plump and fresh pieces of prawn and egg. Absolutely appetising, this was one dish that we could not get enough of.

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(Babi Pongteh with Rice)

We also tried the Babi Pongteh in the set lunch menu, which came with white rice (they were out of bread and noodles during our day of visit) that includes Nyonya Curry Vegetables and Nyonya Achar on the side. The Babi Pongteh was decent, with the pork absorbing the flavours through and being pretty tender with a bite, though the flavours were more on the soy sauce rather than fermented soy bean.  The accompanying Nyonya Achar and Nyonya Curry Vegetables were also pretty well-executed; the former giving a refreshing, tangy crunch that was a good respite from the meatiness of the Babi Pongteh while the Nyonya Curry Vegetables carried a good flavour without being watered down with vegetables that still carry a crunch.

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(Pulut Hitam)

Pulut Hitam was also pretty stellar; the Pulut Hitam was adequately dense with a gloopy consistency, while not being overly sweet and mixed with a good amount of coconut milk for a creamier concoction that felt balanced between the black glutinous rice and coconut milk. The overall texture was smooth, with bits of black glutinous rice that give the dessert a bite; probably one of the most notable variants of Pulut Hitam that we have tried.

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It is not often that we have Peranakan cuisine, thus we are unable to comment on how authentic the food here is. That being said, the food feels pretty well-executed here and the quality speaks for its own; we were certainly impressed by what they have to offer, especially for the Pulut Hitam and House Spice Laksa Goreng. Prices are generally on the affordable side, especially for the set lunch which would appeal to the office crowds within the area, while the service is also pretty decent with patient staff that are willing to explain the menu to the patrons. A promising spot that those who are into Peranakan cuisine should check out!

Peranakan Flavours
7 Tan Quee Lan Street
Singapore 188096

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