Waa Cow! Sushi Bar – Raffles Xchange

Waa Cow! Sushi Bar is the latest concept by Waa Cow!, a F&B establishment at National University of Singapore that specialises in Wagyu Beef Donburi.

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Situated at the heart of the Central Business District, Waa Cow! Sushi Bar is conveniently located at Raffles Xchange, taking over part of the space of now defunct The Coffee Connoisseur at Raffles Xchange. Keeping to what they do best, the menu primarily focuses on Wagyu Beef Donburi (read our thoughts on Waa Cow!’s Signature Wagyu Beef Rice Bowl via Burpple) as well as a new range of Wagyu Sushi, while non-beef lovers might be pleased to find other items such as the Mentaiko Salmon and Yuzukosho Iberico Butadon here especially for those who are looking for something substantial. A menu for ala-carte sushi is also available during dinner hours as part of the soft launch menu.

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(Petite Wagyu Sushi Platter)

Wagyu Sushi Platters are available in three different sizes; Petite (4 pieces), Regular (6 pieces) and Ultimate (8 pieces); all platters come with a fixed selection that is listed on the menu. Every order of the Wagyu Sushi Platter comes with a set of tasting notes; essentially a piece of paper that describes the flavour profile of each item in detail. The Petite Wagyu Sushi Platter comes with the Classic, Mentaiko, Yuzu Kosho and the Truffle Parmesan Wagyu Sushi — the classic comes drizzled in their Nikri Glaze; the Wagyu Sushi on the menu that allows one to enjoy the Wagyu Beef at its best with a light hint of savouriness amidst the melt-in-the-mouth meat that’s incredibly tender and moist. The Mentaiko is one that would be a hit with most — the umami Mentaiko drizzled and the bursting sensation from the Fish Roe is something that most people will find hard not to love. We love both the Yuzu Kosho and Truffle Parmesan ones out of the four that we had — the former carried a bright, tangy flavour that was able to cut through the meatiness for a more refreshing flavour with a tinge of spiciness while the Truffle Parmesan was almost similar to the tried-and-tested formula of serving shaved Parmesan along with truffle for truffle fries — the shaved Parmesan helps add savouriness to the earthy and aromatic notes of truffle; something that truffle-lovers should never miss.

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(Mentaiko Salmon)

The Mentaiko Salmon is one of the non-beef items on the menu at Waa Cow Sushi Bar. While the bowl is visually smaller than most Donburi served at other places, the Mentaiko Salmon here makes it up by coming with a sizeable slab of salmon. The Niigata Sushi Rice comes served the same way as how the Wagyu Beef Donburi is being done at Waa Cow!; it comes a little charred over the top with scallions garnished above while the slab of salmon was crisp on the exterior, yet smooth and succulent within with a hint of smokiness that goes very well with the umami Mentaiko and Fish Roe to create the complexity of flavours that makes it so satisfying.

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Waa Cow! Sushi Bar seems to have been able to carry the standards and quality that Waa Cow! had set previously — the food was good with nothing we could pick about and we were generally pretty impressed with the food that we have had. That being said, the price range of Waa Cow! Sushi Bar seemed to be a little bit on the high side even without service charge and with GST already included in the prices listed; part of the reason could be due to perceptions — the price range of the items at Waa Cow! Sushi Bar might seem more reasonable in a mall instead for eateries within MRT Xchanges are often seen to be more for the budget-conscious. That being said Waa Cow! Sushi Bar is definitely an interesting option around Raffles Place that is pretty much worth a try; it would be interesting to see how things would work out for them here in the future.

Waa Cow! Sushi Bar
Raffles Xchange @ Raffles Place MRT Station
5 Raffles Place
Singapore 048618

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WaaCowSushiBar/


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