Santap – The Daulat

Situated at The Daulat is Santap, a new concept by the Muslim-owned The Black Hole Group which also run other F&B establishments such as Working Title at Arab Street and The Mad Sailors at Haji Lane.

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Being located at The Daulat, much of the seating is al fresco here with a single communal table indoors; the outdoor seating features furnishing in bright colours with a couple of wall fans installed to keep patrons cool. Going with a slightly different concept from the other brands under the same group, Santap aims to serve up wholesome and healthy food with the menu focusing on sandwiches, rice bowls and brunch items, with a small variety of snacks and desserts also available. Beverages such as coffee, tea, chocolate and juices are also available here.

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(Herb Chicken Sandwich)

They were out of the brunch menu items during the day for our visit, hence we went for the Herb Chicken Sandwich. While the ciabatta looked rather blocky and a little intimidating to have, the bread was surprisingly light and fluffy and did not require much effort to cut through; pretty easy to eat. The chicken breast was also cooked to tenderness while retaining the moisture of the meat and the curry mayo and Emmental cheese does help by adding a creamy texture and savoury flavour to bind the different elements of the sandwich together. Zucchini helps to add a refreshing crunch for a more wholesome feel to the sandwich. While the pappadum topped with salsa was a thoughtful touch, we were not a fan of the strong palm oil-esque flavour that it carried.

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(Beef Rice Bowl)

The Beef Rice Bowl was something hearty — comes with a poached egg (the staff replaced ours with a sunny-side-up), cherry tomatoes, corn, red onions and housemade Tonkatsu sauce while all of the rice bowls also come with cauliflower florets, brown rice, alfalfa, amaranth and red daikon. A pretty wholesome dish, the beef slices was tender without being too chewy while the other elements help add a bite of different dimensions in terms of texture — a pretty wholesome, hearty and healthy dish for those who are looking for something substantial here.

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(Chocolate Melt with Ice-Cream)

Chocolate Melt with Ice-Cream was a Molten Lava Cake — while the ice-cream was rather generic and melted pretty quickly in the sweltering heat, the main star was the showstopper here with quite a bit of chocolate filling within; cut through the cake and the rich and thick chocolate filling reveals itself. A treat to chocolate dessert lovers and molten lava cake fans alike.

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(Flat White)

Flat White was brewed from a blend named The Black Hole blend — it is decently pulled with a medium body and a nutty flavour profile that works well both as a morning perk-me-up or even a leisurely mid-day cuppa.

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Santap seems to be a result of The Black Hole Group’s experience from running their previous establishments; the offerings seemed well thought out and designed while the food are generally of good quality; sure, there might be a few hits and misses, but these would probably be resolved with a few small tweaks around the recipes. A spot that makes for yet another good option to consider dining at when around the Rochor area; it does seem like a pretty place to spend the evening away.

The Daulat
16 Madras Street
Singapore 208413

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    Yummm… the food looks really tempting! 🙂

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