Lunar Coffee Brewers – Downtown Gallery

Things have been getting interesting for the folks working around the Central Business District, especially with new tenants moving into Downtown Gallery recently.

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Situated in the same building as VENUE by Sebastian, Lunar Coffee Brewers is situated at another end of Downtown Gallery. Lunar Coffee Brewers is run by the same folks behind Atlas Coffeehouse (also the people who brought to us the now-defunct Assembly Coffee), the decor theme does remind us remotely of Atlas Coffeehouse with the use of marble tables and counters, creating a similarly simplistic, yet modern and uncluttered look for Lunar Coffee Brewers. While the menu at Lunar Coffee Brewers is largely different from Atlas Coffeehouse, with a focus on rice bowls for the office crowd during lunch hours, they have also included favourites from the Atlas Coffeehouse menu such as the Summer Chicken Stew at Lunar Coffee Brewers as well. Coffee, as with Atlas Coffeehouse, is brewed from a blend sourced from Two Degrees North Coffee Co. — the same people behind The Populus Food and Coffee Co. and Senate Coffee.

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(Miso Nori Salmon Don)

The Salmon Soba Noodles were one of our favourite dishes at Atlas Coffeehouse; the Miso Nori Salmon Don was something we just could not miss having here. Sure enough, the poached salmon here did not disappoint — a smooth, flaky slab of salmon topped off with a house-made Nori Miso Butter served with onsen egg, Japanese rice and pickled vegetables, the Don was a wholesome option to have for a lunch option; we particularly enjoyed how the rice was infused with a buttery aroma as the Nori Miso melts and gets absorbed by the Japanese rice. Onsen egg was also runny; provides for a silkier and creamier feel to the rice when mixed into it. The pickled vegetables also helped to refresh the taste buds by providing a zingy crunch in between the savouriness of the other elements within the bowl.

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(Hokkaido Cereal Wave)

We also went for the only dessert option apart from the tarts available on display at the counter. The Hokkaido Cereal Wave is a soft-serve dessert featuring elements such as Hokkaido Milk soft-serve, Pop Rocks, Shortbread Crumble, Maple-glazed Cereal and Mini Cakes. A dessert that is hard to go wrong, the soft-serve was able to hold itself pretty well without melting too quickly, while it’s smooth and creamy with a light hint of milky flavour which runs at the back of the tongue with every spoonful; the maple-glazed cereal provides a good crunch to the dessert, while the pop rocks adds a little fun factor with a sizzle on the tongue. The mini cakes also provide some sort of chew without being too dense.

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(The Milky Way)

Usually, we would have ordered a Flat White, but The Milky Way was something we found hard to resist especially having had it at Atlas Coffeehouse previously (check out our Honourable Mentions (2016) article; it has a place there!). This held up well to our expectations — a creamy concoction with an evident nuttiness from the coffee at the right level of sweetness; definitely on par with the ones we had at Atlas Coffeehouse and possibly one of the best white cold brews around.

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(Mocha – 5oz)

We also went for a Hot Mocha (5oz) — the coffee carried a light body with a nutty flavour profile and a good ratio of coffee to chocolate.

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Lunar Coffee Brewers is off to a good start; being one who had been to Atlas Coffeehouse for a quite a few times, the food quality and service remain largely similar to that of Atlas Coffeehouse at Lunar Coffee Brewers. We appreciated that a new menu is created for Lunar Coffee Brewers with a small number of familiar items coming from the menu at Atlas Coffeehouse as well; it provides for a new experience to those whom might be familiar with Atlas Coffeehouse but yet allowing patrons to go for something that they find comfort in. Sure, there may be some issues that they need to sort out on the presentation of some items (e.g. the swirling of the soft-serve), but these are things that would be improved over time especially given what we had seen at Atlas Coffeehouse since opening till now. It’s still pretty much in the early days for Lunar Coffee Brewers,  but we could definitely see them become something as time passes. We hereby congratulate the team behind Lunar Coffee Brewers and Atlas Coffeehouse for the opening of this new space, and wishing them the best in whatever that is to come!

Lunar Coffee Brewers
Downtown Gallery
6 Shenton Way
Singapore 068809

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