Lickety Ice Cream & Waffles – Bussorah Street

Lickety Ice Cream & Waffles is a new ice-cream parlour situated at Bussorah Street, being located just right beside Konditori Artisan Bakery.

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For those who might find the decor of both Lickety Ice Cream & Waffles and Konditori Artisan Bakery similar, it would be good to know that both Lickety Ice Cream & Waffles and Konditori Artisan Bakery are run by the same folks behind Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro; a Muslim-owned cafe that is located just a short distance away at Beach Road (there is also another outlet at OneKM Mall at Paya Lebar). Unlike Konditori Artisan Bakery which is decked in more monotonous colours, Lickety Ice Cream & Waffles’s interior is much more vibrant with the use of pastel coloured furniture and a logo with a slightly more playful design. During our visit to Lickety Ice Cream & Waffles, only ice-cream and Egglet Waffles with a selection of toppings available.

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(Buttermilk Egglet Waffle with Dark Chocolate Ice-Cream)

Lickety Ice Cream & Waffles offers two options for their Egglet Waffle; Buttermilk and Red Velvet. Going for the Buttermilk Egglet Waffle, we opted to go with the Dark Chocolate ice-cream for our choice of ice-cream and strawberry cookie sticks and marshmallows for our choice of toppings. The Egglet Waffle was light, crisp and fluffy and carried a whiff of buttermilk aroma, while the Dark Chocolate ice-cream was smooth and creamy while coming with chunks of light chocolate cake that not only gives a bit of chew but also helps to enhance the chocolatey flavours slightly with a more intense chocolate flavour.

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(Coconut & Taro Ice-Cream)

We also went for a single scoop of Coconut & Taro ice-cream. One of the lighter flavours that they offer, the Taro was more subtle here, giving the refreshing Coconut ice-cream a smooth finish without being distinctively earthy. 

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Lickety Ice Cream & Waffles provides for yet another option for ice-cream in the area, especially since there was not much of an option for cold, sweet treats along the touristy stretch of Kampong Glam which can get quite warm on sunny days. The ice-cream offered are generally decent as well, with pretty good Egglet Waffles being served here. A spot that is likely to be popular with the Muslim community and beyond, especially since Lickety is a brand being run by Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro; a trusted Muslim-owned brand that is born-and-bred in Singapore.

Lickety Ice Cream & Waffles 
34 Bussorah Street
Singapore 199452


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