Torched x One Man Coffee – The Impact Hub Singapore

Occupying the space previously belonging to Blue Collar Collaborative is a joint collaboration between Torched and One Man Coffee; the former providing the food options while the latter serves up the beverages.

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For those who are not familiar with the operations, Torched is a separate entity from One Man Coffee, as with all One Man Coffee outlets operating with another tenant (e.g. One Man Coffee x Garçons at Upper Thomson, Crust x One Man Coffee at myVillage). As The Impact Hub Singapore is a co-working space, it is pretty spacious, and the furnishings are pretty functional. The environment is pretty clean and without unnecessary clutter. Torched primarily serves up Poké bowls in two forms — classic and torched (aka Aburi-style) as well as a small menu of Tacos while One Man Coffee serves up coffee and other beverages with a selection of pastries at the counter.

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(Medium Bowl – Spicy Tuna, Shoyu Salmon with Tamago Mentaiko)

We went for the Medium Bowl — each Medium Bowl allows for a choice of two fish, greens, edamame, cherry tomatoes and rice. For this bowl, we went for the Spicy Tuna and Shoyu Salmon; we also opted for the Tamago Mentaiko on the side. While both fish options were fresh, we found the marinade pretty mild in flavour and especially so with the Spicy Tuna — barely carrying any spiciness. The dressing on the greens was also particularly strong in comparison with the mild marination of the fish, causing the salad to overpower the flavours of the marinated fish. The Tamago Mentaiko was well-executed however; the Tamago carried a hint of sweetness with umami flavour of the Mentaiko on the top.

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(Medium Bowl – Aburi Shoyu Salmon, Kimchi Tuna with Avocado)

We also went for a bowl where we had the Aburi Shoyu Salmon and Kimchi Tuna with Avocado added — the marination for both were again on the lighter side while the greens came with a dressing which was a little overwhelming in comparison to the fish. That being said, the torched salmon did carry a hint of char though we wished could be a little stronger to pack more punch.

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(Pork Tacos)

During the day of our visit, Torched was also serving Pork Tacos — though the shell was rather generic, it still maintained crispness while stuffed with vinegared rice and pork belly; the pork belly was tender with crisp skin, while dressed with a dressing that provided for much of its flavour that helped cut the porky flavours rather adequately.

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(Flat White)

Coffee at One Man Coffee had never been disappointing; the double shot Flat White definitely hit the spot with its medium body and earthy flavour profile.

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Overall, Torched might need some work with the marination of their Poké; the flavours seemed to lack the punch and were a little hard to distinguish from one another — definitely got some room for improvement there. That being said, the fish is considered pretty fresh though portions might be considered to be a little smaller than other places with similar offerings. The concept of serving up torched renditions of Poké bowls is also pretty fresh and unique in the current food scene. Torched does have the potential, however, especially if they improve on the misses over time. The coffee at  One Man Coffee is of consistent quality with the other outlets that they run; a place to head to for a trusty cuppa while getting some work done. Perhaps Torched needs some time to sort out what they have to offer; it would be interesting to see how they fare as time goes along.

Torched x One Man Coffee
The Impact Hub Singapore
128 Prinsep Street
Singapore 188655

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