Kaneta Shoten – Chinatown Point

Kaneta Shoten is a relatively new ramen shop affiliated with Otoko Ramen at Alexandra Central, situated at Basement 1 of Chinatown, taking over the spot of now-defunct Kowloon Express which has another outlet at 321Clementi.

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The interior is renovated with a contemporary touch, with brick walls, wooden furnishings and Japanese murals — one that is able to incorporate Japanese elements well with a modern look. The menu mainly focuses on ramen, offering different styles of ramen from Shoyu, Tonkotsu, Tonkotsu Miso to Tsukemen and Mazesoba. A few sides are also listed on the menu, though most of them were not available during our visit when they were still in the soft launch phase.

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(Shoyu Ramen with flavoured soft-boiled egg)

We went for the Shoyu Ramen with flavoured soft-boiled egg which comes with cha shu, bamboo shoots, fish cake and seaweed. The broth was pretty clear; lightly savoury with a relatively clean finish though the noodles could have been a little bit better if it was springier. That being said, the Cha Shu was meaty without a porky stench, while coming in quite a single thick slab and the egg met our expectations with its runny, molten yolk. It is worth noting that the broth was still warm as we finished the noodles. A pretty good item to have for those who are looking for something on the lighter side.

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(Spicy Mazesoba)

We also had the Spicy Mazesoba — it comes with the usual suspects such as spicy minced pork, poached egg, seaweed, mushrooms and spring onions to be mixed into the noodles before eating. When mixed, the sauce beneath and the chilli helps create a punchy, umami flavours with a kick of spiciness that was pretty manageable, while the egg, when mixed into the noodles, provided a silkiness that made the noodles slurpy. A good option for those who prefer dry ramen.

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While we had only tried two items at Kaneta Shoten, we found the food pretty much decent and a pretty good place to dine at in the area. That being said, our opinions might differ largely with others and hence be taken with a pinch of salt, given that Japanese Ramen is something we are not very much into and do not really go for as an option on a regular basis — we would recommend giving them a visit just to experience the ramen as they are. That being said, service was pretty attentive, with servers promptly coming by to take orders and always consistently refilling our glasses.  A place that is worth checking out if one is looking for Japanese ramen or just somewhere new to dine at in the area.

Kaneta Shoten
Chinatown Point
133 New Bridge Road
Singapore 059413

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/kanetashotensg/


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