The Affogato Bar – Cluny Court

Bukit Timah has been seeing a lot of new F&B concepts of the late; apart from Sogurt’s KARA Cafe & Dessert Bar, The Affogato Bar had also recently opened in the neighbourhood a short distance away at Cluny Court a few units away from Plain Vanilla Bakery’s branch at Cluny Court near Botanic Gardens MRT Station.

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Opened by the folks behind Fawr & Co, The Affogato Bar’s signature items would be their Affogato where classic desserts are given their twist to come in Affogato form — comes with ice-cream and double shot Espresso to be drizzled atop. A small variety of bagels are also available for those who are looking for something more substantial — the bagels are sourced from another vendor; hand-rolled and served fresh without freezing the dough prior to serving. Bagels are available in sandwich form or with cream cheese.

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(Roast Beef Bagel Sandwich)

As we arrived without having breakfast prior to the visit, we ordered a Roast Beef Bagel Sandwich to share. It comes with two options for the bagel; Sea Salt Bagel or Sesame Bagel — we opted for the former which was recommended by the staff behind the counter. The bagel was chewy, firm and adequately dense, providing a good bite to every morsel which packs a good proportion of tender roast beef and crunchy greens — a wholesome item that works great for breakfast. The size of the bagel is rather substantial; we would recommend for two small eaters to share a Bagel Sandwich so as to leave some room for the Affogato.

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(Carota Carota)

Carota Carota was an interesting twist to the classic Carrot Cake — think of it as a deconstructed carrot cake with carrot cake ice-cream, carrot cake, chopped walnuts, homemade cream cheese and macadamia served with a jug of double shot espresso on the side. Having all the elements less the double shot espresso in a spoonful, the dessert certainly tasted pretty much of a well-executed slice of carrot cake which crunchy nuts, smooth and thick cream cheese, moist cake with evident cinnamon flavours running through. Pouring in the jug of espresso, this was almost akin to having a slice of carrot cake while sipping on a cup of Long Black on the side — a very comforting dessert on an idyllic weekend afternoon.

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(Death By Chocolate)

Death By Chocolate is one of the two items offered on the signature section of their Affogato menu. Coming with elements such as chocolate sorbet, brownie chunks, chocolate streusel, chocolate top hat and a jug of double shot espresso on the side, this item caters to chocolate lovers with the velvety smooth and rich chocolatey sorbet and other components for a crunch. Again, this felt very much like a chocolate dessert integrated with a cup of Long Black on the side — the overall feel was, however, a little heaty considering the elements in this dessert, though would probably work well with chocolate lovers.

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(Flat White)

Flat White is being brewed using a blend from Dimattina Coffee; a very heavy bodied cuppa with a deep smokiness — probably one of the strongest cuppas we have ever had thus far.

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Overall, The Affogato Bar is a promising spot in Bukit Timah; a spot that stands out with its strong character despite being a neighbourhood with stiff competition from around it — their offerings are unique, offering creative approaches to the classic Affogato with a limited variety of hot food to satiate hungry folks looking for something substantial to have. Their strong branding shines through, and The Affogato Bar is a spot that would probably cater well to the neighbourhood it is located in considering its niche offerings. A spot to keep an eye out for, we would be back soon again to try out a few other variations of their unique Affogato menu — we wish The Affogato Bar all the best in the coming future!

The Affogato Bar
Cluny Court
501 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 259760

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Facebook Page:



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