Abbie’s Coffeehouse – Havelock II

(Edit – 01/06/2017: Slayer Coffee had been renamed as Abbie’s Coffeehouse with Renfred Ng’s return to The Milky Way Homemade Ice-Cream and Coffee; this post was being published before the renaming of Slayer Coffee as Abbie’s Coffeehouse)

Slayer Coffee (which is in no way affiliated with Slayer Espresso, the company that produces Slayer-branded espresso machines) is a newly-opened cafe in Havelock II, having previously started as a mobile coffee cart a few years ago.

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Co-founded by Campus Superstar alumnus Renfred Ng and his business partner, Abbie Tok, Slayer Coffee’s space is pretty clean and minimalistic, with a large usage of white elements for its furniture and fittings. Seating space is pretty limited here, with four tables for dine-ins; it is noted that the space was a tad warm when we visited. On the day we made our visit (which was also coincidentally on their first day of operations for the cafe and studio), they were offering a small variety of small, whole cakes with a wide variety of coffee on the beverages menu. Besides coffee, there is also a selection of teas available as well as other speciality drinks such as a Matcha Latte and Roasted Sweet Potato Latte too.

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(Signature Matcha Infusion Cheesecake)

We were pretty intrigued by the Signature Matcha Infusion Cheesecake in the cake display and decided to go for one. A New York style Cheesecake, it was smooth and rich in flavour; a light, roasty Matcha flavour subtly lingers at the end with every morsel, and the graham cracker base adds another dimension of flavour on top of all the elements that is going on within the Matcha-infused cheesecake.

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(Flat White)

Flat White was brewed with a blend of Colombians and Guatemalan beans; the cuppa was smooth and creamy — a soothing cuppa with a light body and a nutty flavour profile with a clean finish. Very easy to drink.

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Slayer Coffee is one of those cafes that keeps things simple; a spot that serves good and honest coffee with a small selection of cakes without all the fancy nosh that cafes these days are attempting to put on their menu. Its location also makes it a pretty convenient place for office workers within the area to grab their perk-me-up as well. A place that knows their craft and does it well, we congratulate Slayer Coffee on its opening of their brick-and-mortar cafe and wish them all the best in their business in the days to come!

Abbie’s Coffeehouse
Havelock II
2 Havelock Road
Singapore 059763

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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