Your Nasi Lemak – Sembawang Road (Closed)

(Your Nasi Lemak had since ceased operations.)

Opened pretty recently along Sembawang Road along the same stretch as Sembawang Shopping Centre is Your Nasi Lemak, a Nasi Lemak speciality stall situated within a shophouse unit just right behind the bus stop.

Simply furnished, Your Nasi Lemak carries vibes of a humble neighbourhood eatery with functional decor and furnishings — familiar and unpretentious. They currently serve Nasi Lemak sets with cheeky names and also a small variety of sides. Beverages such as local Kopi and Teh as well as soft drinks are offered as well.

(Fly Like A Chicken set)

The Nasi Lemak sets here, with the exception of the Otah Sundae, comes with similar components such as the sunny-side-up, sambal chilli, cucumber, Ikan Bilis and peanuts; the Fly Like A Chicken set comes with a chicken wing in addition. The rice itself carries a light whiff of coconut fragrance, though the rice was on the starchy side and could probably do a little fluffier. The other components were generally decent but not particularly memorable, from the sunny side up which tasted fresh could have been better with a flowy yolk to the crunchy Ikan Bilis and the sweet sambal which could be improved being less wet and could possibly do being a little more savoury. The chicken wing was the highlight of the entire dish however; crisp on the exterior yet succulent, tender and juicy within, with evident flavours of turmeric from its marination.

(Swim Like A Fish Fillet set)

Swim Like A Fish Fillet set carries mostly the same components as the Fly Like A Chicken set, only with the fish fillet replacing the chicken wing. Overall it tastes pretty similar to the Fly Like A Chicken set; the fish fillet seemingly prepared using fresh fish and is exceptionally crisp yet flaky and smooth within — very well-executed.

(Otah Sundae)

The most inventive dish of the lot listed in the menu would most probably be the Otah Sundae; their signature creation where Begedil is stacked above a large Pong Pong Otah atop a bed of Nasi Lemak that is drizzled with sambal chilli and coconut milk. Seemingly unique, the Pong Pong Otah was a little off what was expected of the local version; shaped into a huge ball, the Pong Pong Otah looks pretty similar to the usual variant on the first look less the shape, but digging into the Pong Pong Otah, it comes packed with fresh fish that is pretty firm overall; it also seemed to lack the usual spicy paste and instead carries a hint of lemongrass flavour along with it. The Begedil was crisp on the outside, while soft and fluffy inside while the flavour of the rice is enhanced by the sambal chilli and coconut milk that is drizzled atop; it carries a curry-like flavour less the aroma of curry leaves. While it seemed like a rather gimmicky approach, it was rather decent, though seemingly lacked value when compared to the other sets available especially with the absence of Nasi Lemak essentials such as Ikan Bilis, sunny-side-up, peanuts and cucumbers.


Kopi was rather decent; rich aromas without being drowned in sweetness by the condensed milk. A pretty good accompaniment to the Nasi Lemak overall.

Your Nasi Lemak dishes out pretty decent plates of Nasi Lemak, though the sets we have had seem to lack the punch that makes them memorable. There seems to be still room for improvement, especially on aspects where the egg and rice are of concern; this is particularly so especially since Chong Pang Nasi Lemak is just a short distance away, though catering to a rather different crowd than Your Nasi Lemak in general (e.g. Your Nasi Lemak operates from the afternoon and seem to keep a “no pork, no lard” menu.). That being said, it is a place we would probably not mind dropping by in the area if we were to be deciding between options on where to have our meals at in the area, which makes them a decent dining option if one were to be in the area.

Your Nasi Lemak
596B Sembawang Road
Singapore 048545

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Melly liana says:


    I have been to your nasi lemak and i also love the pong pong otah set. Just a request, can you untag the non-halal. The owners are in the process of applying for a halal cert (which means they have been adhering to the protocols) and they have been reviewed in a halal restaurant page in fb. Would create a confusion with the non-halal tag. Hope you understand. Thanks a lot.

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      Hi Melly

      Thanks for the heads up; have made the necessary changes — would tag it back as Halal once they get their certification too. Thanks again for the information!


  2. Peter Simon Yiu says:

    We try Your Nasi Lemak.
    The Beef Dandang was generous portion. The Otah Sundae Lemak still need improvement. Found it too hard and the plate is quite small. The Nasi Lemak is too soft. If the Nasi Lemak is harder it would be best. Find the Teh C not as good as Mama shop next door.

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      Hi Peter

      Yeah we do agree that there is room for improvement for the Otah Sundae Lemak based on what we had during our visit. Hmm perhaps they did tweak the rice a little after our visit; I guess they would need some time to figure out considering they are still rather new. Thanks for letting us know about your visit there though!


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