mo-ii – GSH Plaza (Closed)

(mo-ii had since ceased operations.)

mo-ii is just one of the few new occupants of GSH Plaza along with other tenants such as The Salad Corner, Workspace Espresso and more.

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Boasting a minimalist and clean interior design, mo-ii’s interior is largely white with a few wood touches around the entire cafe; a shelf sits on the “counter seating” near the entrance, decorated with Kinfolk magazines and potted plants. Seating capacity is rather small and maybe a little squeezy to some, with a total capacity of around 10 seats over four tables (including the “counter-seating at the entrance good for 3). The menu is pretty simplistic here, offering power protein bowls (quinoa bowls), a range of avocado toasts and smoothie bowls alongside coffee, tea and cold pressed juices.

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(New Farm)

Wanting to go for something more substantial for lunch, we decided to go for the New Farm — a quinoa salad bowl that comes with Basil Aioli and Slow-cooked Chicken. The quinoa salad itself was well-prepared; free from any gritty or sandy bits while tossed with capsicums for a light tangy flavour. The slow-cooked chicken was tender, juicy and succulent; the skin was delightfully crisp while the basil aioli perfumes the entire dish subtly.  The portion also comes pretty reasonable; substantial enough of one were to opt for something to fill the stomach.

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(Summer Dream)

We also decided to go for the Summer Dream bowl, which is a mango and dragon fruit smoothie bowl (somewhat similar to an acai bowl with different elements) served with jackfruit, strawberry and homemade granola which they make themselves. The bowl itself was pretty refreshing and uplifting, with different flavour contrasts at play ranging from the tart strawberries to the natural sweetness of the mangoes that gave the entire bowl a bright burst of freshness with the choice of ingredients. While we would say that it is indeed a little ambitious for one to have the smoothie bowl right after the quinoa salad, it is quite the item to have on a hot day considering it’s served cool and served with a mix of refreshing tropical fruits.

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(Flat White)

Coffee is brewed using a blend roasted by Allpress Espresso. The result is a well-pulled villa that is smooth and creamy with an earthy flavour profile and a smoky finish.

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While mo-ii’s food is pretty up the mark, the competition seems stiff around them; the prices here would seem relatively pricey in comparison with The Salad Corner which has a branch located just right opposite them in the same space; definitely a more affordable option for an every day eat in comparison. The ventilation also seemed particularly poor at mo-ii; the small shop space meant that they could only have a small, open-concept kitchen; we could definitely smell the fumes coming off our order as they were preparing it. Otherwise, mo-ii is a pretty good spot for the office workers around who do not mind splurging a little on food for the healthy yet comforting fare that they churn out which they pride themselves for.

GSH Plaza
20 Cecil Street
Singapore 049705

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