Tsukiji Fish Market Restaurant – Orchard Central

Orchard Central had seen a rather big revamp in its tenants ever since it had started a while ago. Names such as STRAY by FatCat, Pompompurin Cafe, Henri Charpentier have started operations there ever since the revamp, and Tsukiji Fish Market Restaurant is the newest kid on the block currently.

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Situated at the Sky Garden at Level 12, Tsukiji Fish Market Restaurant is located opposite Joie by Dozo where Sumiya used to be located. Being a multi-brand dining establishment, it houses several F&B concepts under one roof — Tsukiji Fish Market Restaurant itself, Takumen (yes, Ramen Gallery Takumen), Ebi Zo Ebi Tempura Restaurant (specializes in Tempura and Tendon), Ueki Omakase Restaurant (a Kyoto-Style Omakase restaurant), Tori-Sho Chicken (chicken hotspot and other chicken-based cuisine) and Ikezaki Japanese BBQ (focuses on Wagyu, coming soon) with a Sake Bar on the side. We visited during lunch hours during the soft launch phase; only Takumen, Ebi Zo Ebi Tempura Restaurant and Tsukiji Fish Market Restaurant were serving lunch menus.

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(Salmon & Salmon Roe Don)

We went for the Salmon & Salmon Roe Don which was served under the menu of Tsukiji Fish Market Restaurant. Coming with slices of salmon sashimi, Tobiko and Ikura, it also came with Tamago and pickled ginger atop sushi rice. As a set, the Don also came with salad, Miso soup and pickles on the side. This was pretty decent overall; the fish was fresh though could have been sliced a bit thicker for more texture, while the Tobiko and Ikura give the bowl an umami sensation with a popping texture. The Tamago was also satisfyingly sweet while the vinegared rice was light, a little sticky, fluffy and flavourful. Not the best that we have tried for the price range, but overall decent at $16.80++. Those who prefer an entire bowl of Salmon sashimi could go with the Salmon Don which is absolutely value-for-money at $9.80++ from the first impression of its price.

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(Ebizo Signature Tempura Rice Bowl)

We also shared the Ebizo Signature Tempura Rice Bowl from the menu of Ebi Zo Ebi Tempura Restaurant; essentially the Tendon to order here if you are into trying every single type of Tempura that they have to offer with the different rice bowls. The Ebizo Signature Tempura Rice Bowl was huge and looked really promising as it came to the table. As per the Salmon & Salmon Roe Don, the set for the Ebizo Signature Tempura Rice Bowl includes salad, Miso soup and pickles on the side. Coming with all the goodies on the top, the Tempura pieces included sea eel, prawn, mushroom, squid, long beans and a choice can be made between the Tempura Egg or an Onsen Egg. To start off; one can use the lid as a plate on the side to contain the individual pieces of tempura so as to get down to the rice while having the tempura items altogether. The fried items were all delightful; every item was crisp without carrying an awkward sogginess, not too greasy and even fresh; of particular mention would be the mushroom which was exceptionally earthy and flavourful. We also enjoyed the prawns; they were pretty succulent and the sea eel was tender without being extremely boney and brushed with unagi sauce beneath the batter for a savoury flavour. The Tempura Egg was just as it was expected to be; crisp on the outside with flowy egg yolk in the inside that is definitely very suitable for egg-porn (or at least our portion was). While the rice beneath the tempura was drenched in a Japanese savoury sauce, it felt adequate despite the initial puddling of the sauce at the bottom given that it was not excessively drenched on the rice atop, hence allowing one to mix the plain rice above into the sauce for more flavour. Overall, a pretty good bowl of Tendon that left us pretty impressed and satisfied.

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While we did not have a taste of all of the stalls within Tsukiji Fish Market Restaurant, the Tendon was seemingly the catch here; it was executed perfectly and definitely something that we found that matches up with the competition especially with the hype over Tendon of the late. We would definitely find ourselves coming back to solve our Tendon cravings especially since there isn’t much of a queue for now. Service was generally good; the older waitresses seem to engage with the customers more especially. One of them had also recommended us to give their Charcoal Live Grilled Prawns soon; offered at just $1 during the soft launch period, it seems incredibly value-for-money too. It may be true to say that the part of Orchard Central may not be the most accessible part for most, but they do certainly seem to have little surprises that are worth venturing into for.

Tsukiji Fish Market Restaurant
Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
Singapore 238896

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TsukijiFishMarketRestaurant/


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