Rabbit Owl Depot – The Woodgrove

Two years ago, Rabbit Owl Depot had opened their first outlet along North Bridge Road, serving ice-cream as well as their signature Snowflake Waffles with a variety of rather unique toppings. Fast forward to now, Rabbit Owl Depot had finally opened their second branch in Woodlands, targeting the heartland crowd. We do not find ourselves covering second outlets of existing businesses on Jiaksimipng usually, but we figured out that we probably should since it is situated in our neighbourhood tucked away in a corner of Woodlands where there are not many exciting F&B options around.

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Taking over the space of Two Plus One Creamery at The Woodgrove, Rabbit Owl Depot’s is not quite as elaborately decorated as its original branch. In fact, most of the furnishings seem to be re-used with what was left over previously from the now-defunct Two Plus One Creamery; a friend who lives in the area claimed that he/she did not notice the change in ownership of the cafe while passing by. Unlike the North Bridge Road outlet, Rabbit Owl Depot’s latest outpost in The Woodgrove serves a limited menu in comparison, with items currently restricted to ice-cream (with a smaller selection of flavours in their freezer) served in both cup or cone as well as a smaller variety of their signature Snowflake Waffles. While The Woodgrove branch does not house any espresso machine, Rabbit Owl Depot has collaborated with FO.H Cafe situated just right beside for beverage orders, and the list of beverages available are listed on a separate menu at Rabbit Owl Depot.

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(Chocolate Melt Snowflake Waffle with Wildflower Honey Ice-Cream)

We were thinking of dropping by FO.H Cafe after our visit to Rabbit Owl Depot to have some coffee while getting some work done (FO.H Cafe’s environment is more conducive to do work in), hence we skipped on coffee and went straight for the ice-cream and signature Snowflake Waffles. Available in four different flavours, we opted for the Chocolate Melt Snowflake Waffle upon hearing that the Cookie Butter variant was not available on the day of my visit, and complimented it with a scoop of Wildflower Honey & Milk ice-cream. The waffles were actually pretty good; the Snowflake Waffles were what we remembered them to be from our first visit to their North Bridge Road branch; crisp on the exterior and fluffy inside, wafting of buttermilk fragrance with loads of chocolate buttons filled within. The waffles were actually something we would probably even enjoy all by itself, though we thought it could probably be improved further if they waited for a little longer to allow the chocolate buttons to melt further. The Wildflower Honey and Milk ice-cream was also one of the better and more unique flavours available that day; the rest felt pretty run-of-the-mill (e.g. Vanilla, Chocolate, Thai Milk Tea, Cookies & Cream etc.) or just looked a little too melted down and lacked creaminess such as the Gula Melaka; an otherwise pretty appealing flavour with its strong palm sugar sweetness.

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Woodlands is an estate that is really behind the game when it comes to the cafe scene in Singapore; there is not really much of a choice around here even in the malls nor within the neighbourhoods. Sure, we might have lost Two Plus One Creamery; probably the first ice-cream parlour that took the risk of operating in such a mundane neighbourhood, but at least it did open the path for other operators such as Rabbit Owl Depot which now takes over its spot. Yes, the dining environment and general atmosphere is really a far cry from the original Rabbit Owl Depot branch at North Bridge Road, and while there is really things to be improved with the overall consistency of certain flavours as well as the selection of ice-cream flavours available, the waffles are pretty much the main deal here which we would find ourselves returning for (‘cos it is in our ‘hood!). If only they would be able to bring the same level of consistency and a more interesting variety of ice-cream flavours such as what is being offered in the North Bridge Road branch, this would be one of the spots that Woodlanders might find proud to mention about.

Rabbit Owl Depot
The Woodgrove
30 Woodlands Avenue 1
Singapore 739065

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/RabbitOwlDepotWoodlands


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