Thrive Kitchen – NeWest (Closed)

(Thrive Kitchen had since ceased operations.)

NeWest is a new building recently built along the Ayer Rajah Expressway. With the completion of the building, tenants such as Thrive Kitchen and Hakata Japanese Cuisine (formerly at Jurong Superbowl) have moved into the building.

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A simply decorated space, Thrive Kitchen sits around 30 in a comfortable setting which is clean and easy on the eyes; the counter area mostly with marble accents and metal framing while the cafe is filled with wooden furnishings. Thrive Kitchen strives to serve up healthy, balanced and wholesome meals, believing that healthy eating does not translate into only being able to eat salads and sandwiches only. They were serving their soft launch menu during the day of our visit; the menu includes a small list of sandwiches, pasta, desserts as well as some cakes baked in-house which are displayed at the counter. Drinks include coffee, tea, juices and even a small selection of alcoholic beverages (e.g. lager and ciders).

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(Korean-inspired Kimchi Chicken Pasta)

Skimming through their menu, the Korean-inspired Kimchi Chicken Pasta caught our eye and we decided to go straight for it. Keeping in line with their idea of serving wholesome, healthy and balanced meals, the pasta used were made of wholemeal flour and the pasta dishes here are kept dairy-free by using nut milk instead of cream for the sauce base. While the flavour of kimchi is rather mellow in the sauce, it carries a rather intense kick of spiciness — have a little kimchi within the pasta alongside so as to enhance the flavours of the dish. The chicken slices are tender and come with a hint of rosemary used for its marination, though some may have issues with the black pepper sauce clashing with the kimchi sauce base in terms of flavour. It is worth mentioning that the ingredients used here seemed rather fresh, such as the cherry tomatoes and mushrooms.

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(Coconut Cake)

As mentioned earlier, the cakes served here are baked in-house and are gluten-free. The Coconut Cake that we had was probably one of the best gluten-free cakes we have had — it is pretty light, soft and adequately moist, perfuming of coconut fragrance that runs through the entire cake consistently while the chopped nuts add a little bite to it all. Works very well with a cup of coffee on the side.

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(Flat White)

The Flat White was brewed using a custom blend of beans specially roasted for them by Two Degrees North Coffee Co. which is by the same folks behind The Populus Food and Coffee Co. at Neil Road. The cuppa here carried a heavy body with a nutty finish and is decently executed.

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While we found that Thrive Kitchen’s food might need a little tweaking to find the right balance point across different consumers, we appreciate the effort behind their beliefs of serving healthy, wholesome and balanced meals to the masses. That being said, the sandwiches are a little bit on the pricey side (one of them costs $20.90), but I guess it’s the freshness of the ingredients and the “healthy” concept that one is paying for here. Generally, the food here is decent, and with the building of NeWest still being largely empty, it is a good spot to find some quiet in. Thrive Kitchen does have free wifi within its premises; something one would probably need here because the building has poor mobile reception as of the time of writing (there was no cellular service when we were there). Despite a spot far out in the west, Thrive Kitchen is a spot that those who are health-conscious would probably be interested in checking out.

Thrive Kitchen
1 West Coast Drive
Singapore 128020

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