Don Meijin 丼名人 – Ramen Champion, Bugis+

New to the local F&B scene is Don Meijin, a stall within Ramen Champion at Bugis+ that focuses on Tendon joining the likes of Ginza Tendon Itsuki, Tendon Kohaku and Tensho Japanese Specialty Tendon House by MOF.

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As per the other stalls at Ramen Champion, patrons are given a tag which the orders are logged into and patrons are able to order from any stall within Ramen Champion and be seated at any table within the premises. While the main focus at Don Meijin is the Tendon, they also serve a small variety of other don as well. The beverage menu follows the offerings available at the beverage stall within Ramen Champion itself.

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Going for the signature Tendon, the bowl comes with items such as prawn, asparagus, eggplant, pumpkin, salmon and vegetable fritter all fried in tempura batter while all that sits on a bed of rice — the Tendon is drizzled in a light amount of savoury Japanese sauce.  Overall the fried items generally lacked crispness; most were soft and limp except for the vegetable fritters which were decently crisp, while the pumpkin was a tad too crunchy; could have been done a little softer before being deep-fried. The bowl also felt a tad dry; would have been a little more enjoyable if it was saucier.

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(Spicy Chili Crab Tendon)

Apart from the usual Tendon, Don Meijin also serves up a Spicy Chilli Crab Tendon which features essentially the same goodies as the original Tendon, though comes drizzled with a chilli crab sauce which was rather faint of crustacean flavour and more reminiscent of a spicy tomato sauce at times.

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Overall we do feel that there are other options around that are better than Don Meijin, and the quality here is rather similar to Tensho Japanese Specialty Tendon House. The quality may not be the best especially for those who have tried other Tendons before, though it could possibly work for those who have not tried a Tendon yet, especially for the lack of queue and large seating area here within the Ramen Champion premises.

Don Meijin 丼名人
201 Victoria Street
#04-10 (within Ramen Champion @ Bugis+)
Singapore 188067

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