Foxhole Cafe – The Midtown Residences

Recently opened in the newly-launched The Midtown Residences is Foxhole Cafe, one of the earliest tenants to have moved into the building which is built on the grounds of what used to be Hougang Plaza.

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Situated just a short walk away from Hougang MRT Station/Bus Interchange, Foxhole Cafe faces the field just beside the building. Being located in a unit that has two levels, the counter for orders as well as a display for pastries/cakes and espresso bar are situated on level one of the shop space, while the main dining area is situated at level two. The decor is pretty simple with small traces of minimalism and industrialism injected to its overall design — concrete-esque tables, rather monochromatic furnishings and a large unicorn painted on its walls. The soft launch menu features beverages such as coffee and tea as well as hot food; mostly sandwiches featuring croissants and English Muffins as well as Lasagna. A small variety of sweet treats are also available, as well as the pastries and cakes on display.

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(Signature Croissant with Chili Crab Meat with Raspberry Chips)

Going for the Signature Croissant with Chili Crab Meat, this was something that is rather comforting for peckish appetites looking for an item more substantial than a piece of cake/pastry but not intending to have a full-sized main. The chilli crab came mixed with egg mayo; evident of crustacean sweetness and a hint of mild spiciness while the croissant is flaky and buttery. It comes with Raspberry Chips on the side — started off with flavours that replicated the raspberry nibs found in granola yet comes with that salted potato chips seasoning flavour at the end.

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(Signature Croissant with Ham & Cheese with Raspberry Chips)

My dining partner went for the Signature Croissant with Ham & Cheese which also comes with the same Raspberry Chips on the side. A classic dish that is hard to go wrong, it is yet again another comforting item to have for brunch with a twist by the inclusion of cherry tomatoes for a burst of refreshing zestiness.

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(Orange Drizzle Cake)

The Orange Drizzle Cake was actually pretty decent but pricey, considering the cake costs $7.90 before service charge. Apart from the price, the cake is pretty light with a hint of light citrusy zing which went well with the sweet sugar glazing atop, though the glaze could be a little bit too thick and hence too sweet for some.

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(Flat White)

Coffee is by The Pourover Bar, which has since moved out of its premises within Ollella into Foxhole Cafe. The Flat White was smooth, creamy and carried a nutty flavour profile with a clean finish.

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(Foxhole Signature Yakult Soda)

One of the beverages that seem to be created for social media is the Foxhole Signature Yakult Soda, served in a large Yakult-esque bottle with a small glass mug on the side. Tasting pretty much like the probiotic yoghurt drink and 7up/Sprite combined into a single drink, the flavours are pretty subjective here — some finding it pretty unique but some may feel that it may taste a little medicinal; pretty much depends on what sort of medicine one have had when they were young.

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While the food is rather decent at Foxhole Cafe, it is one of the places that does need to do a little bit more to convince; the current menu’s rather limited offering (mostly repetitive items with very slight changes) and slightly steep prices are just a few of the drawbacks at Foxhole Cafe. Service was decent though there was an instance where the staff served us the Ham & Cheese Croissant telling us it was the Chili Crab Croissant (my dining partner does not eat seafood) — things that can definitely be improved on. Buttons to call for service are also only installed on specific tables rather than all tables. Waiting times for food is also a little long considering the empty cafe. The location and shop floor plan (also applicable to other ground level shop spaces at The Midtown Residences) is also of a slight disadvantage where passers-by may misinterpret that the cafe is a takeaway spot since most of the seating are located at the second level with a rather narrow space for the first floor. While Foxhole Cafe may be a decent spot for Hougang residents to relax over pastries and desserts over a cup of coffee, it would be interesting to see if Foxhole Cafe could sustain in the long run.

Foxhole Cafe
The Midtown Residences
1189 Upper Serangoon Road
Singapore 534785

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