Creamery Boutique Ice-Creams – Tyrwhitt 139

Situated just opposite Chye Seng Huat Hardware, this shop space has seen a few cafes come and go, such as Anythingz Cafe and Dose! which were former tenants of the shop space that Creamery Boutique Ice-Creams is located at currently.

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Originating from Bangkok, Creamery Boutique Ice-Creams was set up 5 years ago selling ice-creams and lava cookies that became a hit on social media. The brand has since expanded overseas with stores in different parts of Malaysia, and the Creamery Boutique Ice-Creams outlet in Jalan Besar is the first franchised branch situated in Singapore. Taking over the unit from the now-defunct Dose!, much of the interior had been switched out to include more colourful furniture that carries the colour schemes of Creamery’s branding for a lively look. The menu for Singapore is currently limited to ice-cream, lava cookies and ice-cream shakes at the moment, with some of the ice-cream flavours being inspired from local elements including one that replicates kaya toast and another that replicates Hello Panda biscuits with tiramisu. Only three flavours of lava cookies are served; chocolate, matcha and a red velvet which contains cream cheese lava.

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(Monster Matcha Lava Cookie with Black Dog Ice-Cream)

We visited on their very first day of operations and went for the Monster Matcha Lava Cookie with Black Dog Ice-Cream. For those who may not be familiar or do not drink often, Black Dog is the nickname for Guinness Stout. Unlike Kook Creamery where the ice-cream is only plopped onto the lava cookie at the table (thus allows for patrons to take videos of the oozing lava), Creamery Boutique Ice-Creams serves the ice-cream together with the lava cookie out from the kitchen. The Monster Matcha Lava Cookie oozed quite a fair bit of matcha, which carried a sweet tea aroma though the cookie is generally much on the soft side, lacking of crustiness (more on this later). The Black Dog ice-cream was pretty much an intense flavour though creamy; tasted exactly like stout but rather palatable for its deep malty flavours and rather boozy end which was not too overwhelming. The staff was rather apologetic about the cookie which does not seemed to be of its desired texture that they had intended it to be, and decided to waive the cookie off the bill for us

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While we do see the effort of the people who have decided to bring Creamery Boutique Ice-Creams to Singapore, it is hard to wonder if the idea of serving just ice-cream and lava cookies would ever lift off here. The menu currently feels rather limited, and there are really quite a lot of ice-cream parlours in Singapore that makes it hard for the players in this sector of F&B to truly stand out. Lava cookies also have been around in Singapore for quite some time, yet the item had not seen the sort of hype that salted egg yolk croissants and rainbow cakes had generated. Service was commendable, especially in terms of recovery over the cookie and the staff was pretty patient with answering the queries that we have. We do hope the Creamery Boutique Ice-Creams would be able to survive in the tough F&B industry in Singapore; being in Jalan Besar is already tough competition given the number of cafes sitauted in the area, and it would be an even tougher fight given the limited menu for now.

Creamery Boutique Ice-Creams
Tyrwhitt 139
139 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 207557

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