D2TLLRY – Golden Shoe Car Park (Closed)

(D2TLLRY had since ceased operations with the demolition and redevelopment of Goldem Shoe Car Park.)

Remember DSTLLRY which we had mentioned in our Honourable Mentions 2015 for their Aburi Salmon Belly Don? They have since opened a second branch named D2TLLRY at Golden Shoe Car Park on the ground level in the same row as Ya Kun Kaya Toast and Mercado.

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Much of D2TLLRY replicates the design language behind the decor of DSTLLRY; a sense of mystery where there is no obvious signage or indication of it being a F&B space except with the menu hanging from the counter facing the road, while the interior is dark and only lit by table lamps emitting yellowish lighting on the wooden tables. Apart from a single table situated at the back shrouded in darkness that seats 3, the only seating is bar counter seats that face the food preparation area. Much like DSTLLRY itself, D2TLLRY serves a separate menu for lunch and dinner; the former focusing more on Donburi served in takeaway bowls (dine-in allowed) while the latter focuses more on bar bites and tapas-style dishes that compliments the variety of alcohol available.

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(Barachirashi Salad)

We visited D2TLLRY for lunch service, and my dining partner decided to go for the Barachirashi Salad which is the salad variant of their popular Barachirashi Don, both of which were available at DSTLLRY. This was as good as we remembered it to be — featuring large chunks of marinated fish such as prawn, salmon and tuna, the bowl also came with a generous portion of Ikura that gives the savoury fish an umami popping sensation. The greens are also drenched in the same sauce that is drenched onto the rice for the Barachirashi Don version which is one of the ingredients that makes DSTLLRY’s Barachirashi Don as magical as it is. An item that is not to be missed here — if salads are not your thing, they do also serve both Barachirashi Don and Barachirashi Soba here which fits rice and noodle lovers respectively.

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(Aburi Salmon Belly Don)

One of the items that I loved at DSTLLRY was their Aburi Salmon Belly Don which is available only for lunch hours at D2TLLRY. Much of this remains consistent of what DSTLLRY used to serve — the same elements from the Barachirashi such as the Ikura and the sauce used to drench the rice appears here to give it the familiar savoury and umami flavours. The Aburi Salmon Belly was pretty decent but fell short on what I had previously at DSTLLRY by a little especially when it came to the smokiness. Still, the Aburi Salmon Belly Don managed to satisfy the tastebuds — those who enjoy wasabi would be pleased to learn that DSTLLRY/D2TLLRY serves grated wasabi flown in from Japan with the rice bowls; very fragrant and tantalises the tastebuds as it sends waves of numbness to the tongue that makes it oh-so-shiok.

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If one is familiar with DSTLLRY, D2TLLRY sticks to what DSTLLRY had done well with and stays consistent with its quality. We were impressed with the food just as how we were with at DSTLLRY although there is still a little fine-tuning required on the execution for the Aburi Salmon Belly (we visited on the very first day of lunch operations). For those who have been wanting to try out DSTLLRY at Infinite Studios but had not done so for the longest time due to its remote location, this is a chance for you to try them out at D2TLLRY situated right in the heart of the Central Business District.

Golden Shoe Car Park
50 Market Street
Singapore 048940

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/D2TLLRY


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