Follia – Blk 261 Waterloo Street (Closed)

(Follia had since ceased operations; the spot currently houses Sumo Bar Happy.)

Taking over the spot formerly taken up by The Betterfield before the latter moved up to The Treasury, Follia is now situated at Blk 261 Waterloo Street after its move from Clover Way near Marymount MRT Station.

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Opened pretty silently, Follia had started operations for nearly a week when we made our visit. Going with a simple decor scheme, the interior of the restaurant feels posh without being entirely too upscale; pretty fitting for a casual dining restaurant with yellow walls adorned with white bricks, wooden tables and black/grey cushioned seats which are more comfortable than some of the seats that cafes have of the late. The space is dimly lit with a few spotlights around, though could be a little dark on rainy days/evenings and walking around the aisles is a breeze with tables widely spaced apart from one another which provides patrons with a sense of privacy during their meals. Serving pretty much Italian fare, they do have an all-day breakfast featuring an Eggs Benedict and a variety of sandwiches while other choices include a small menu dedicated to seafood, poultry and meats as well as pasta, risotto and pizza.

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(Beef Ragu Black Truffle Tortellini)

Going for the specials here, the Beef Ragu Black Truffle Ravioli had the ravioli replaced with Tortellini on the day of our visit as they had run out of Ravioli. This dish was delightfully savoury, from the rich, creamy and earthy sauce all the way to the Tortellini which was stuffed with Beef Ragu within. The Tortellini came with just the right thickness for a good texture, though the shaved black truffle atop seemed to have pretty much lost its flavour before it made it onto the plate.

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(Pan Grilled Boneless Chicken Leg)

My dining partner went for the Pan Grilled Boneless Chicken Leg which comes stuffed with spinach and asparagus and served with barley risotto, roasted tomatoes and field mushrooms sauce. Pretty decent overall, though pickier taste buds may feel that the chicken could do being a little bit more tender but it is still pretty up-to-mark and carries a little smokiness from the char and works well with the savoury mushroom sauce. The barley risotto was creamy and cheesy with a slight, bouncy texture which was pretty good overall.

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Picking the Churros for our dessert, the Churros were light and crisp, dusted with cinnamon sugar for a little bit of flavour and sweetness though were somewhat airy on the inside. Coming with Chocolate Sauce and Vanilla Ice-Cream on the side, we found ourselves mopping the chocolate sauce clean by dipping both the Churros and the strawberries into the chocolate sauce while the vanilla ice-cream evokes familiar childhood memories with a flavour that we still love.

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Overall, the meal at Follia was generally decent except for the waiting time for mains (nearly 40mins, without the staff pre-empting). The food is also satisfactory despite a few minor misses; Follia feels like a place that seems to have the potential of being a place that serves pretty spectacular Italian fare at an affordable price point but falls a little short on exploiting its full potential; perhaps they need some time to iron out the kinks they have in the kitchen considering they were still pretty new at the time that we have made our visit. Follia is a place we would probably see ourselves returning again some day especially if we are looking for a place that serves decent Italian fare with at an affordable price point with a good ambience, though it does need to reduce the waiting time for food substantially in order to improve the dining experience at Follia overall.

Blk 261 Waterloo Street
Singapore 180261

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