Cafe Driftwood – Burghley Lifestyle Hub (Closed)

(Cafe Driftwood had since ceased operations.)

Taking over the previous space of the first branch and now-defunct Nunsongyee at Serangoon Gardens is Cafe Driftwood, situated within Burghley Lifestyle Hub that is slightly further away from the main area of Serangoon Gardens neighbourhood.

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Much of the space is pretty recognisable from the days of Nunsongyee — much of the layout had not seen many changes less the removal of some signboards and replacement of wallpaper used for the previous tenant. Serving largely western fare with some dishes that include an Asian touch, expect baked rice, pasta and rice bowls on the menu here, with a small selection of sides. As though filling up the void left by the previous tenant Nunsongyee, a small variety of Bingsu are available as well.

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(Truffle Fries)

The Truffle Fries were recommended by the staff, and we were served a complimentary portion of it towards the end of our meal. This fits those who likes their truffle fries with just a whiff of truffle without overwhelming the entire dish. Fries were crisp while carrying just a light but evident hint of truffle aroma topped off with sprinkles of cheese for a little flavour.

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(Creamy Chicken Spinach Baked Rice)

Creamy Chicken Spinach Baked Rice was pretty decent for there was ample cheese that blanketed the dish. Still maintaining its stretchiness when pulled apart, the rice was drenched in a thick, creamy sauce with chunks of fried chicken and spinach — a pretty comforting dish overall that hits the right notes.

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(AUS Wagyu Rib Bowl)

While we were intending to get a burger, we were told by the staff that they had run out of burgers during the day of our visit — we ended up turning to the AUS Wagyu Rib Bowl. Yet another comforting and homely dish, the execution felt more Asian-inspired here; the beef was pretty tender with a light, savoury sauce that the meat was braised with, less any gamey flavour that might exist. While the sauce was pretty delightful to have with the steamed rice, the overall price tag of $26 (10% service charge not inclusive) was really a tad too pricey for such a dish.

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While Cafe Driftwood’s offerings are pretty homely and comforting to have, the obscure location that it is in, tucked away from the dining hotspots of Serangoon Gardens and the slightly exorbitant price tag (especially that for the beef dish) can be factors that work against them; perhaps they could look into having a standout dish or two and improving the overall presentation as well to attract the attention of potential patrons to visit. A place that serves familiar, decent flavours in a quiet area away from the hustle and bustle, though we probably would not find ourselves rushing back for a revisit anytime soon.

Cafe Driftwood
Burghley Lifestyle Hub
45 Burghley Drive
Singapore 559022

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