Birds of a Feather – Amoy Street

Opened along Amoy Street is Birds of a Feather, which is probably one of the most creative eateries with a unique vibe of the late.

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Birds of a Feather is an all-day dining bar and cafe which serves western-eastern fusion fare using Sichuan-inspired flavours for their food. There is a separate dinner for lunch and dinner, the former focuses more on salads and sandwiches though both menus do contain dishes such as the Tofu Burger with MAPO Meat Sauce and Charcoal Roasted Wagyu Sirloin Steak. There are also a menu dedicated so small plates and plated desserts are only available during dinner hours — pastries and cakes are available all-day. Decked in a garden-theme setting, the space is dimly lit at night, classy yet filled with natural elements that were at the same time, whimsical (e.g. fluffy cloud-like ceiling lamps, birds sitting on a branch above the entrance) which was pretty unique yet apt for a bar.

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(Find The Chicken In The Chillies)

One of the most raved-about dishes at Birds of a Feather is Find The Chicken In The Chillies. Coming in heaps of chilli, the chunks of chicken were marinated and stir-fried with Sichuan peppers and garlic. Immensely shiok, this carried a whiff of Sichuan peppers that is pretty spicy but slowly numbing on the taste buds which was actually rather addictive especially for those who enjoy pushing their limits in terms of spiciness. A really fun dish to order with a group of friends just to share.

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(Spicy Oriental Bolognese)

Our taste buds were most properly numbed or quite washed out by the previous dish that we just could not detect the spiciness of the Spicy Oriental Bolognese which is only available on their dinner menu, though the original Oriental Bolognese is available for both lunch and dinner. Their take on the Chinese Zha Jiang Mian with a western touch, mix in the poached egg on the side for a silkier texture for the pasta which goes pretty well with the savoury minced meat and sauce that laces the Angel Hair Pasta. Dehydrated raspberries helped to add a little bit of tang and a wee bit of sweetness for the pasta for flavour contrast, while the greens came with grated cheese for a savoury touch.

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(Poached Pear)

Picking the Poached Pear amongst other plated desserts that are available, the Poached Pear here reminded us of Empress’ version where they had infused a Chng Tng element into the dessert. The version here comes with citrus, longan, snow fungus and orange caramel ice-cream — the “Cheng Tng” itself was flavourful while the scoop of ice-cream enhances the overall flavour instead of overwhelming or diluting it; adds a tastefully bitter, smoky and citrusy flavour to the “Cheng Tng” that was a rather unique combination while the other condiments were fresh and adds a variety of texture to the dessert. The main star of the show also shone here — poached pear carried a rather cooling flavour and carried a subtle sweetness which was pretty soft to the bite; a dessert that is highly recommended here.

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Despite the infusion of two very unlikely forms of cuisine, Birds of a Feather easily impresses with the quality of the food especially in terms of flavour — Sichuan flavours are not particularly relatable to some but the western infusion not only works but also helps to make it feel more acceptable overall though achieving a less authentic Sichuan feel as a result. Vibes were on point, suitable for both cafe and bar operations but it was the service here that made the meal really enjoyable and memorable — the staff initially put us up at the front of the restaurant (which was not the comfiest spot) for other tables apart from the bar counter were taken or were reserved but came back to move us to a more comfortable seat inside when a table left by their own initiative; very commendable. A place good for dates, after-work chill for drinks and somewhere worth checking out simply for their Western-Sichuan fusion fare that is pretty unique for new flavours to introduce to the taste buds.

Birds of a Feather
115 Amoy Street
Singapore 069935

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