Simply Mamam – Blair Road (Closed)

(This F&B establishment has since ceased operations)

Situated at the same spot vacated by the now-defunct Chottomatte is Simply Mamam, tucked in a corner behind the row of eateries along Kampong Bahru Road.

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Decorated in a familiar Peranakan-esque theme, Simply Mamam fits well into the environment that it surrounds; while the decor is not really lavish, it exudes a sense of modernity yet giving an ode to the past, blending in well with the idyllic surroundings of Kampong Bahru and Blair Plain where is largely populated by historical shophouses. Here, the menu is kept simple with the idea of bringing some local delicacies refined to attract both locals and expats who live around the area, including brunch fare from late morning to the afternoon, mains such as Fish & Chips, pasta and local delights such as Laksa, Beef Rendang and Nasi Lemak.

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(Beef Rendang)

My dining partner decided to go for the Beef Rendang which comes with toast on the side. The slow-cooked beef was on the tough side, and seemed to be a tad dry as well; not as tender as we would have expected (not sure if it was also due to us taking a while for photos; around 5 to 10 minutes), but we were pretty impressed with the Beef Rendang overall especially the flavours of the Rendang itself; very lemak for it carries a strong coconut-y flavour and was immensely shiok as it carried a rather manageable level of spiciness which was of low to moderate heat. The gravy was so enjoyable, we ended up mopping up every bit we could with our spoons as well as dipping the slices of bread into the Rendang.

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(Garlicky Chicken)

While the Garlicky Chicken was not quite as “garlicky” as we would have expected; you know those deep-fried garlic meat dishes at Thai eateries — this was none of that, but we did enjoy the marination of the chicken overall which gave it a good flavour. The boneless chicken thigh was pretty sizable in terms of portion, and it was juicy, tender and succulent with the juices all locked in, while it comes with lightly spicy tomato saffron rice on the side as well as caramalised onions and capsicums which were pretty refreshing and crunchy. Overall, the individual components were well-executed and complimented each other pretty well, while the entire dish would be near perfect if they could grill the chicken skin to crispness (or perhaps it’s just me).

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(Flat White)

Coffee is served here using a blend of beans from two origins; the Flat White here is decent considering Simply Mamam is not a place which focuses on specialty coffee; the Flat White carried a nutty and chocolatey flavour profile with a medium body. Special mention to the Sultana Biscuit and Gem Biscuit served alongside the cup of coffee; invokes a sense of nostalgia fitting to the theme of the eatery.

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Visiting so many newly-opened eateries of the late, Simply Mamam is one of the spots that makes one feel transported to the past; somewhere away from the hustle & bustle of the crowd from the main road that serves comforting and familiar flavours. The service is pretty hospitable and attentive here, while the place feels comfortable; great to sit in for a slow day just to relax or have a small catch-up session for long talks. While the food needs some minor tweaks (e.g. the slow-cooked beef in the Beef Rendang), it is overall pretty decent and is a convenient spot to consider for weekend brunch, lunch or dinner alone or with friends, yet away from the crowded dining hotspots in town.

Simply Mamam
54 Blair Road
Singapore 089954


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