Kosnica – Duxton Road (Closed)

(Kosnica had since ceased operations.)

Yet another ice-cream parlour has opened its doors along Duxton Road, named Kosnica.

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Decorated pretty simply, Kosnica is decked out in white walls with painted small bird and leaves motifs on the wall, white and wooden furnishings as well honeycomb-patterned wall decorations for its interior. Being an ice-cream parlour, they offer a fixed set of gelato flavours listed on the menu, while they also offer waffles as well as other bakes such as lava cakes, tarts and cakes. Coffee, juice, coolers, tea and soft drinks are available for beverages; Illy coffee is used for the coffee here.

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(Waffle with Mao Shan Wang Durian Gelato)

Going for the waffle, we decided to go for a single scoop of gelato which we eventually settled for the Mao Shan Wang Durian after trying out other flavours such as Mocha Biscotti, Earl Grey & Figs and Matcha Green Tea with Red Bean Azuki; the flavours were all generally decent and safe but were short on being spectacular. Mao Shan Wang Durian flavour was rather well-balanced here; it has the creamy and buttery feel yet not too pungent in its flavour. The waffles, on the other hand, were very well done; absolutely crisp and fluffy with a fragrant buttermilk aroma that is dusted with icing sugar and comes with fruits and toasted marshmallows as toppings all drizzled in chocolate sauce, very delightful indeed.

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(Citron Sabayon Tart)

We also tried the Citron Sabayon Tart. Sabayon is an Italian mousse dessert which involves the use of egg yolks, sugar and sweet wine; Kosnica’s version sees a twist on the dessert by serving it in a tart form. The crust was buttery and crisp as it falls apart neatly, while the mousse seemed to lie closer to a not-so-smooth version of a New York Cheesecake; carries a good amount of citrus-sy zing and tang though could be a little bit too tart for some.

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It is hard to deny that Kosnica has pretty good waffles; we were rather impressed by how the waffles turn out to be and they do also offer a variety of other flavours such as Matcha and Red Velvet which seemed to be quite good as well according to the responses online as per post time. They would, however, need to refine their gelatos further especially in terms of flavour and rotate their selection of flavours in order to stand out from the crowd and attract more patrons; the flavours in the current selection were pretty much on the safe side and lacks the punch especially at its price of $5.50 for a single scoop to do more justice to the waffles that they have.

61 Duxton Road
Singapore 089525

Web Page: http://www.kosnica.co/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Kosnica-1262092157165302


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