Chalong – Tanjong Pagar Centre

Located within the newly-opened Tanjong Pagar Centre, Chalong is a takeaway kiosk located at Basement 2 near the exit of Tanjong Pagar MRT Station that serves Japanese Rice Bowls with Thai infusion.

Being situated in the Central Business District, Chalong serves takeaway rice bowls for the busy office crowds looking for quick, fuss-free lunches. The menu of Chalong is kept simple with three items of the menu currently; each rice bowl comes with Mi-Cuit Egg, Yamagata Haenuki Japanese Rice and either chicken, beef or pork options, depending on the choice of the dish with addons such as asparagus or cherry tomatoes at an additional cost. For patrons intending to dine-in, there is a small standing bar just at the side of the kiosk.

(18 Hr Sous Vide Jowl)

Going for the 18 Hr Sous Vide Jowl, the portion was pretty filling despite the rice bowls only coming with meat, rice and egg. The Pork Jowl is being smoked with apple wood chips in a Josper oven that is installed at the kiosk; the meat was tender, smoky but comes without the porky stench, while the exterior carried a little crispness and hints of lemongrass could be detected from the Thai aromatics topped above. The Mi-Cuit egg was essentially a sous-vide egg; the yolk comes flowy as it bursts readily with a poke of the fork while the Yamagata Haenuki Japanese Rice carried a light hint of subtle sweetness. It comes accompanied with chili sauce on the side (not in frame); a surprisingly lethal sauce that gives the entire rice bowl a punch for its straight-up spicy without being numbing as one could taste the zingy flavours from the spices used in the chili sauce.


My dining partner went for the Gai; coming with the same Yamagata Haenuki Japanese Rice and Mi-Cuit egg, the only difference here would be the Thai Basil Charcoal Grilled Chicken Thigh which replaces the 18 Hr Sous Vide Jowl. While the chicken skin did not come with the crackling crispness we were looking for, it was overall still delicious with evident Thai-inspired flavours in its marination while being tender, juicy and succulent.

While the variety of dishes served at Chalong is pretty limited, it allows for quick, fuss-free takeaway lunches for the office crowds by eliminating the decision-making process with patrons by preference of meat and a small list of optional addons on the side. Food quality is pretty good here, and we did leave with our tastebuds and stomach satiated from the simple yet delicious rice bowls that they offer. Definitely a great spot for office folks within the area to grab a quick yet substantial meal!

Tanjong Pagar Centre
7 Wallich Street
Singapore 078884

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