Kra Pow Thai Street Food – Far East Plaza (Moved)

(Kra Pow Thai Street Food had since expanded and moved into a bigger shop space within Far East Plaza. Updated address at the end of the post.)

Kra Pow Thai Street Food is situated at Far East Plaza, taking over the spot formerly occupied by The Sushi Bar before the expansion to their current unit a few steps away.

Bringing the vibes of Thailand to local ground, there are wallpapers plastered over the walls featuring sketches of the scene of Thai streets while the seats are placed closely together; rather cramped so as to maximise capacity but seems to replicate the intended vibes pretty well. The menu features an extensive selection of sides, soups, curries, noodles, rice, dessert and drinks.

(Squid Tentacle Fritters)

Looking for a dish to share, we eventually settled for the Squid Tentacle Fritters which were absolutely addictive. These tasted pretty similar to Old Chang Kee’s Fried Octopus OnStick, but crispier with a lighter batter. Accompanied on the side is the chili lime aioli; it gives the fried squid tentacles a light yet sweet spicy kick that is thicker than the usual Thai sweet chili sauce.

(Red Tom Yum of Seafood Noodles)

My dining partner opted for the Red Tom Yum of Seafood Noodles which comes with glass vermicelli and a generous portion of ingredients such as chunks of mushroom, squid, slices of fish amongst other items. The Tom Yum soup was pretty appetising; came with a tasteful tinge of sourness that gives it just enough flavour without being too cloyingly thick nor watered down while not being overly spicy; very delicious and ends off with a clean finish that did not feel MSG-laden and definitely great to have with the chewy glass vermicelli.

(Drunkard Noodles Pork)

Drunkard Noodles Pork is probably a dream come true for those who love Thai Basil Minced Pork Rice but have always preferred noodles to rice. Basically Thai Basil Minced Pork dish served with thick rice noodles, the rice noodles were chewy while laced with the savoury yet piquant sauce that the meat was stir-fried in. There was a good amount of meat portioned for the dish, while the chili padi gives it a great kick of spiciness that fits those with moderate tolerance to spiciness. Long beans also helped add a bit of crunch to the dish overall.

(Iced Thai Milk Coffee, Iced Thai Milk Tea with Grass Jelly)

While my dining partner found the Iced Thai Milk Tea with Grass Jelly enjoyable especially with the grass jelly to chew on, the Iced Thai Milk Coffee was far from the thick and sickly sweet but immensely aromatic Thai milk coffee we have had at other places; the one we had seemed very pretty tame in flavour overall; something pretty obvious from the colour it was served in.

Dining in Orchard is always a difficult process whenever it comes to searching for truly good food at affordable price points. Kra Pow Thai Street Food seemed to have hit all the right spots; pocket-friendly pricing with no individual items on the menu being at priced above $10 with commendable food quality and pretty decent service. During our visit, we have also noted that its pretty crowded during lunch service with office folks around the area. Kra Pow Thai Street Food is a spot that I would probably return to for some delicious Thai fare especially if I am looking for a meal without breaking the bank; definitely a good option to consider especially given the number of choices available at Orchard Road.

Kra Pow Thai Street Food
Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road
Singapore 228213

Kra Pow Thai Street Food
Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road #03-26/27
Singapore 228213


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