Hasu Confections – PoMo (Closed)

(Hasu Confections had since ceased operations.)

Hasu Confections is a new dessert cafe that had recently sprouted up at PoMo.

A space that is decorated simply, the star of Hasu Confections is their cakes which are baked in-house, such as a variety of Mille Crepes, Mille Feuille, eclairs, tarts and other cakes. Apart from the desserts, they also do offer a simple Ham Wrap for those feeling peckish while also serving juices, tea, coffee and bottled/canned drinks for beverages.

(Feullettine Hazelnut Mille Crepe)

Three Mille Crepes were available; of which we picked the Feullettine Hazelnut Mille Crepe. The Mille Crepe was well executed with tightly packed layers in between while coming with hazelnut cream and bits of Feullettine within. The pastry cream felt like it lacked the hazelnut touch for the flavour was rather unnoticeable, but the Mille Crepe otherwise was pretty good without being overly sweet. Perhaps the Vanilla Mille Crepe would be a better option of the three. They do also offer a sharing portion for the Mille Crepes which come in a full, personal-sized cake that works great to share for fun or even as a birthday cake for small birthday gatherings of four.

(Citrus Meringue)

My dining partner went for the Citrus Meringue — think a lemon meringue tart in the form of a cake. Smothered in a thin layer of meringue, the meringue was not overly sweet but a tad airy. The sponge cake layer was just a tiny bit dry though not particularly bothersome, while in between are layers of lemon curd that give the cake a nice, zingy yet sweet flavour combination of a good ratio. One of the cakes to go for if you are here looking for something to refresh the tastebuds.

While there are other spots within PoMo for desserts, Hasu Confections does have a focus on simple desserts. The quality is pretty decent, though still requires a bit more work. A place that is good to chill for some desserts after class or to get some work done for the students in the area.

Hasu Confections
1 Selegie Road
Singapore 188306

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/hasu.confections


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