Amiral Atelier – Paragon (Closed)

(Amiral Atelier had since ceased operations.)

Amiral Atelier is a new F&B concept by Dulcet & Studio, replacing the former now-defunct Dulcet & Studio at The Paragon along Orchard Road.

Taking up the former space of Dulcet & Studio, renovation works had been done to bring Amiral Atelier a new look that features a minimalist Japanese-inspired interior. Much of the cafe is decked in white furniture with wooden accents, with a cement wall within the open-concept kitchen at the back of the shop space where one could watch the pastry chefs work behind the counter. We made our visit during the soft-launch phase; only a small selection of bakes are available including eclairs and loaf cakes as well as pre-packaged cookies and madeleines.

(Fig Eclair)

Fig is one of the flavours which is rarely used in desserts, and it was certainly interesting to find a Fig Eclair that is offered here. The Choux pastry seemed to be a wee bit dry, however, the fig cream within seems to start off with a mellow flavour that is signature of fig but immediately becomes something more berry-like with a zing while topped off with a white chocolate tuile over the top. Overall, a pretty abstract flavour that may not be able to hit everybody’s taste buds.

(Chocolate Mousse Cake)

We also went for the Chocolate Mousse Cake that came with coffee mouse. The chocolate ganache on the top was smooth, rich and dense that was also a little bit on the sticky side when sliced with a fork. The coffee mousse within seemed to have been mostly overpowered by the chocolate ganache; only a faint hint could be tasted at the end. We did enjoy the base of the cake however; carried a good crunch and hazelnut flavour that definitely helped texturally and also in terms of taste. A pretty safe option in comparison to the Fig Eclair, and probably would appeal to those who like Opera Cakes or rich, chocolate-flavoured desserts.

(Chocolate Bonbons – Passionfruit, Mint)

The staff also handed samples of their Chocolate Bonbons during our visit there. The brown Chocolate Bonbons are passionfruit-flavoured while the green ones were mint-flavoured. Between the two, we preferred the former for they carried a zingy passionfruit gel within that cuts the chocolatey flavours; the latter was also decent though carries a hint of peppermint flavour alongside the chocolate.

(Cold Brew Earl Grey Tea)

Coffee was unavailable on the day of our visit, and the only beverage available was the Cold Brew Earl Grey Tea. The tea seems to be on the lighter side than the usual earl grey tea; pretty refreshing with the more heavy-tasting desserts for it lacks a strong citric flavour while coming with a clean finish.

Amiral Atelier is a decent French-Japanese fusion patisserie which comes up with pretty-looking bakes, though there is definitely some room for improvement for the overall execution especially at its price. Given its convenient location within the heart of the shopping district, Amiral Atelier makes for a good option to rest the legs after long shopping sessions at Orchard for dainty sweets and casual catch-ups over coffee or tea.

Amiral Atelier
290 Orchard Road
Singapore 238859

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