Omoomodon – The Star Vista

Omoomodon is one of the newest F&B establishment to have moved into The Star Vista which is seeing a switch in the tenants along Level 2.

We visited on a weekday afternoon and it was full house — the menu comprises of Japanese-Korean fusion rice and noodle bowls with options of sides and a small variety of bingsu for dessert. Orders are made via a self-service kiosk that accepts both card and cash payments. Most of its offerings are pretty wallet-friendly, starting from $8 and can be upgraded to a set with a side and drink at $5 extra, and if the preset bowls are not to your fancy, there is an option to Build-Your-Own-Bowl as well.

(Fried Mushrooms)

My dining partner opted for the set lunch deal and we went for the fried mushrooms which were decent. An assortment of enoki mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms fried in tempura batter, the mushrooms were crisp yet carrying its own earthy flavour. If we had to pick, perhaps the enoki mushrooms could be coated in less batter to better integrate the textures together.

(Build Your Own Bowl – Korean White Rice, Grilled Chicken and Kimchi Omelette)

Deciding to build his own bowl, my dining partner opted for Korean White Rice, Grilled Chicken and Kimchi Omelette. The individual components were decent; the Grilled Chicken came in chunks doused in Teriyaki Sauce which somehow seemed to be more sweet than savoury while matched with the Kimchi Omelette which is essentially the Asian omelette mixed with Kimchi that is eggy with a zingy yet spicy flavour which was manageable and pretty appetising.

(Yes Sir!, Yes Sir!)

I decided to get one of the preset bowls named “Yes Sir! Yes Sir!”. The rice bowl comes with multigrain rice, sirloin steak and the same Kimchi Omelette that my dining partner chose. Again, a very decent combination; the steak could be done either medium rare, medium well or well done; we went for medium rare and it was well-executed despite the quality of the cut as it came with a pinkish centre while not being gamey. The multigrain rice also carried a little bit of flavour as part of it tasted really similar to the black glutinous rice that we are familiar with.

While there is a large variety of items that we have yet to try, Omoomodon seems to be a decent spot for a meal for both office workers around in the area and shoppers alike, serving rather affordable Japanese-Korean fusion rice and noodle bowls to the masses. The quality is pretty reasonable for the price, though the self-service kiosk can be cumbersome for older folks to handle. We do wish that they could perhaps include a self-service tray return area for the seats located outdoors though; there was not enough staff to clear the plates and cutlery off the table which seemed to have turned off quite a few people due to uncleared tables and the lack of a return point for the plates meant that people would have to wait or grab the attention of the staff in order for tables to be cleared. Otherwise, this is a decent spot which seems to resonate with the office workers around the area at a wallet-friendly price point, and certainly is an option to think of if dining within The Star Vista.

1 Vista Exchange Green
The Star Vista
Singapore 138617

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