Sugarhaus – Serene Centre

Bing Qi Lin from Seletar Hills has recently moved to Bukit Timah — a more convenient location given it is a stone’s throw away from Botanic Gardens MRT Station within Serene Centre beside Island Creamery with a re-branded concept named Sugarhaus.

Initially, a takeaway ice-cream concept serving the Seletar Hills neighbourhood, the revamp sees Bing Qi Lin becoming Sugarhaus which highlights it focus from solely ice-cream to other confectionaries such as cakes. The cafe boasts a wide range of ice-cream flavours — what Bing Qi Lin is known for as well as a few flavours of soft-serve ice-cream as well as a small variety of cakes on rotation basis. Decked in wood and tiled walls, the decor of the small cafe (there are 5 tables with 4 seats each) is a refreshing break from the ultra minimalist designs that are largely white that is popular of the late. Beverages are also available, such as coffee (brewed from blends by Liberty Coffee) and tea are available.

(Bacon Cinnamon Cake)

Seemingly looking like a Carrot Cake before being sliced, this is a Bacon Cinnamon Cake accompanied with walnuts and cream cheese frosting. While the sponge itself is a tad dry, the flavour combination actually works if you are one who is open to more adventurous flavours. The stringy bacon is of the chewy sort and comes with a smoky, savoury flavour and works well with the cinnamon-spiced sponge somehow — a flavour hard to describe but definitely not cringe-inducing for the flavours seemed to stack atop what was similar to a Hummingbird Cake.

(Gula Melaka Pecan Ice-Cream)

Got to try a few of the ice-cream flavours, and the Roasted Sesame and Sticky Date flavours that I tried were pretty good — the Roasted Sesame especially for it’s extremely rich, roasty and comes with a full-on punch in terms of flavour. I eventually went for the Gula Melaka Pecan in a cup (there are options for cup, cone, waffle and Choux pastry bun here) however — it is adequately sweet and exudes palm sugar aroma while the pecan nuts within adds texture and nuttiness to the smooth and creamy ice-cream. If these flavours do not fancy you, they actually do have a wide range stocked in the display chiller so there is definitely something to go for.

Bing Qi Lin was one of those places that serve good ice-cream, but also a place that was extremely difficult to get to given how it was hidden in a row of shophouses facing a private estate that was only accessible by bus from the main road. We are glad to hear that they have moved to a spot that is within walking distance from the MRT station and that their ice-creams still do hold the standards that they have in the past. While we had not tried the soft-serve and most of the cakes, we thought that the cakes still has room for improvement but overall they do have creative menu items that are a good break from what the cafe scene offers these days. While there are plenty of options when it comes to cafes in Bukit Timah, Sugarhaus does feel like they do have an identity of their own that one can check out if in the area. I guess I would return some day again, especially if I am looking for some quality ice-cream in the area (definitely looking forward to trying the soft-serves!).

Serene Centre
10 Jalan Serene
Singapore 258748

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