Otto’s Deli Fresh – Raffles Holland V (Re-branded)

(Otto’s Deli Fresh had since went through revamp and is now re-branded as Black Marble)

Otto’s Deli Fresh is a deli concept by Chef Otto Weibel of Osia Bar & Restaurant at Resorts World Sentosa, recently moved into Raffles Holland V situated just a stone’s throw away from Holland Village MRT Station’s Taman Warna exit along with other F&B joints such as Hoshino Coffee, Cafe O and Soup Restaurant within the same building.

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Located at the second level of the building, the bistro overlooks the entrance/exit of Holland Village MRT Station. Decked in a simplistic yet classy colour scheme, it features a largely monochrome colour scheme with a splash of teal and yellowish lighting which is comfortable, elegant and modern without being pretentious. Being a concept where the deli and bistro are located under one roof, the deli is situated at the front, stocked with cured meat as well as pasta and other products that can be brought home. The menu of the bistro features largely meat off the grill, a selection of pasta, burgers and sandwiches as well as dessert. There is a wide variety of beverages available, including wine — tea is brewed from tea leaves by Ette Tea Company, while coffee is brewed from a blend supplied by Dutch Colony Coffee Co.

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(Pulled Pork Burger)

Picking a burger for the main, we decided to try out the Pulled Pork Burger. The pulled pork is marinated with barbecue sauce, which gave it a smoky and sweet tang but unlike the usual pulled pork burger out there, we enjoyed how the citrus cabbage apple slaw gave it a bit of sweetness and zinginess that gave the burger a little more dimension in terms of flavour. Pulled pork was also sufficiently moist without drenching the bottom bun in wetness, while the bread was light, fluffy and crisp from the grilling. Pickled cucumber also gave it a little crunch apart from the tinge of zesty, sour-ish flavour that gave a good break in between bites of the savoury burger. The hand-cut fries are soft to the bite and well-seasoned with salt to flavour — cut to an appropriate length and thickness that made it pretty addictive and easier to eat as we cleared the entire serving without realising that it was going to be emptied out so soon.

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(Beef Stroganoff Fettuccine)

Brown butter is my weakness, and this is one of the few reasons why I absolutely love the Beef Stroganoff Fettuccine. The pasta was cooked al-dente, laced in this earthy yet buttery sauce that comes with chunks of mushroom which is incredibly flavourful — something I wouldn’t mind having alone with only the pasta. Beef stroganoff was served like a smaller portion of steak here — felt closer to medium well (we didn’t specify any doneness) but was fantastically executed; sliced along the grain, the beef was easy to chew, smoky and did not carry any unpleasant gaminess. Certainly, one of the dishes I would highly recommend if you are looking for a pasta dish to have here.

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(Valrhona Chocolate Waffles)

Going through the dessert menu, we eyed on the Valrhona Chocolate Waffles which comes with Vanilla Chantilly and Black Pepper Ice-Cream — not quite something one would expect to hear. It came a little short of our expectations from its naming on the menu; the chocolate being just a sauce rather than the entire waffle itself but still very well executed — very crispy on the exterior with plush and soft interior. The black pepper ice-cream is being churned with a vanilla ice-cream base; for the most part it carried the aroma of vanilla beans and is delightfully sweet, but the black pepper part is only noticeable if had slowly or had substantially — it gets nowhere chokingly strong, but one would be able to detect that tingling feel it leaves in the mouth. In fact, if we were not expecting that it was a chocolate waffle that we were getting, this is one of the best waffles we have had — there are other variants of waffles to choose from that are safer in flavour combination if the idea of black pepper ice-cream is a tad adventurous or abstract.

(PS: we did make a subsequent visit after the first visit though the waffle seemed pretty lacklustre the second time round; a little to limp and dry and pretty different overall somehow)

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There are a lot of cafes and bistros around that have opened pretty recently, but only a few have managed to stand out from the others in this highly-competitive industry. We have always enjoyed dining at unpretentious places that takes pride in produce and puts effort behind the preparation of every dish (one such place is South Union Park at Jalan Kembangan) because food is not just simply about aesthetic appeal but the flavours and the art behind all that science in relation to different ingredients and cooking techniques. Otto’s Deli Fresh achieved that — quality and honest food that are well-executed with a good variety of dishes on the menu that are pretty wallet-friendly in a casual, bistro setting; at least for the items we have had. We certainly enjoyed the food there, and to be honest, I am actually quite intrigued to try their grilled steak given how the Beef Stroganoff tasted — definitely a place I would see myself come back to try the other items (especially the pasta and grill sections) again soon!

Otto’s Deli Fresh
Raffles Holland V
118 Holland Avenue
Singapore 278997

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