Le Canelé d’Or – Concourse Skyline

Le Canelé d’Or is a Canelé specialty shop originating from Hong Kong which recently opened a store in Singapore at Concourse Skyline.

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Situated along the same line as Big Sake Bar facing the road, it is hard to miss Le Canelé d’Or especially with its huge signage hanging on the top. The interior is simply decorated with plush seats and despite the cafe’s small size, there seems to be a good amount of seats for a store that simply serves Canelé and beverages such as coffee. There are only four flavours of Canelé available on the day of our visit and in three different sizes (Cocktail, Medium, and Grand). According to the staff over at the counter, this Singapore outlet of Le Canelé d’Or is not a franchise but a direct ownership under the Hong Kong brand, and the Canelé are baked fresh in-house rather than being flown in from Hong Kong to ensure quality is kept.

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(Front to Back: Framboise, Irish, Mediterranean, Traditional)

We actually got to learn about Le Canelé d’Or from an Instagram post by @lennardy featuring the Framboise Canelé. Since there were only four flavours, we tried all of them in Medium size. All four Canelé were fresh — crisp on the exterior yet moist and firm in the inside; similar to a slightly denser Bika Ambon or Honeycomb Kueh. The Canelé here are all infused with alcohol regardless of flavour, though not very evident except for the Traditional — Traditional (Vanilla Bean with Rum), Framboise (Raspberry with Raspberry Brandy), Irish (Coffee & Whiskey) and Mediterranean (Orange Zest and Grand Marnier). Of the lot, the safest would be the Traditional; custardy with a soft hint of vanilla and a light touch of rum that is a classic flavour of the Canelé which is done right. Framboise was a bold flavour — surprisingly tart due to the flavours of raspberry at play that seemed a tad more intense than the other Canelé we had. Mediterranean was also pretty refreshing with a tinge of lift citrusy notes at play, while the candied orange over the top helped to enhance the flavour.

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(Flat White)

Coffee is brewed by a blend from Graffeo Coffee which is said to be of a dark roast. I requested for a Flat White, which was out of the menu; was well-pulled as it was creamy with an earthy body.

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Canelé is a rare find in Singapore, and the ones that are around are sadly, not too fantastic. Le Canelé d’Or’s opening in Singapore is quite surprising, especially given that the Canelé is not quite a common pastry that is found here — perhaps this could be a test to see if Singaporeans are receptive to both the Canelé and a Canelé specialty shop in general. That being said, we are huge lovers of the Canelé and Le Canelé d’Or is able to satiate our cravings for Canelé especially with its commendable quality (there again, there are not many places we could compare it against in Singapore) which also serves well as gifts for loved ones apart from just enjoying them on your own. If you are a Canelé lover and have always wanted to try flavoured Canelé, or if you are a fan of Le Canelé d’Or in Hong Kong, this is a spot you should definitely check out!

Le Canelé d’Or
Concourse Skyline
302 Beach Road
Singapore 199600

Web Page: http://lecaneledorsg.oddle.me/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/lecaneledorsg/


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