Kumoya – Jalan Klapa

Kumoya is the re-branded successor of Karafuru Desserts, taking over the previous shop space vacated by Karafuru Desserts with changes in the management team.

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Much of its decor have been retained from Karafuru Desserts; those who have been to Karafuru Desserts in the past would easily recognize the minimalist interior featuring largely white decor and wooden furnishing — all with a subtle touch of teal in its logo to reflect the new branding. Kumoya features an extended menu for Karafuru Desserts — they offer a small selection of savory and sweet pancakes on their menu now apart from the familiar eclairs (though this time in petite size) and parfaits. Coffee is currently brewed with beans from UCC Coffee, though there is plans to bring in coffee from Compound Coffee Co. while they use Lupicia Teas for their variety of teas available.

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(Tempura Soft Shell Crab Pancake)

Going for one of the savoury pancakes, we decided to go for the Tempura Soft Shell Crab which comes with a three-tier pancake stack, tempura soft shell crab, tempura capsicum, mixed salad, brûlée pineapple, tempura and cereal crunch nori and wasabi mayo sauce. The pancakes are smaller-sized than the usual but very manageable as it leaves stomach space for the condiments accompanying as well for the desserts or even an additional sweet pancake; comes with a rather savoury touch in the batter similar to salted butter or cream cheese that goes well with the savoury variant of pancakes. The tempura soft shell crab and capsicum are crisp and flavourful with its own natural flavours — works surprisingly well with the wasabi cream mayo that was creamy at the start but the wasabi notes come right after the initial phase. Cereal Crunch Nori gave it a buttery and crisp — a flavour similar to Zi Char but could have been better integrated with the entire dish if it was sprinkled atop the crab than beside as a garnish.

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(Matcha Pancake)

Also new to the extended menu of Kumoya is the sweet pancakes; each comes in a stack of three with     yogurt parfait on the top separated from the pancake with a cracker slice to prevent the yogurt parfait from sogging up the pancake as it melts, with a variation of toppings for each different flavour. We went for the Matcha Pancakes which came with matcha financiers, Azuki red beans, and Matcha Creme Anglaise.  Using the same batter for the pancakes, the flavours of the pancake in this sweet variant seems to be muted by the yogurt which is a balance of milkiness and tartness itself. The Matcha Creme Anglaise was also a tad too liquid as it barely coats the yogurt after pouring and ends up on the plate with flavours generally overpowered by the yogurt — could do with a thicker consistency although the flavours of matcha were definitely evident. The other toppings were decent, and the combination of Azuki red beans and Matcha is always a safe bet — my favourite, however, has to be the red bean orbs which feel like Azuki red beans in jelly form, but denser — very earthy flavours that strike a note especially for those who find Azuki bean pastes too sweet.

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(Hazelnut Chocolate Eclair)

Of course, we could not have missed out the Eclairs while here, which are mostly flavours previously available at Karafuru Desserts with some tweaks in the recipe and served in smaller sizes. We were impressed with the Hazelnut Chocolate as well as the Sakura and Pistachio. Hazelnut Chocolate would work well with chocolate fans especially with the rich flavours of chocolate and hazelnut coming as one.

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(Pistachio Eclair, Sakura Eclair)

I personally prefer the Pistachio eclair more for is very pronounced in its roasty flavours for the cream within. Sakura was also another flavour that I have enjoyed — carries strong floral hints especially for the glazing that hits you on the first bite; could totally imagine taitais sipping a cup of tea while working on the Sakura eclair with a dainty finger holding it. A flavour that definitely work well with ladies.

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(Matcha Madeleine, Houjicha Macaron)

Apart from eclairs, Kumoya also offers madeleines and macarons on their menu. We went for the Matcha Madeleine which was a tad dry, while the Houjicha Macaron was delightful with a chewy shell with “feet” on the underside and shatters neatly with a slice of the fork — tea aroma was also pretty evident overall.

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(Muscat Tea)

I have had my coffee fix before heading to Kumoya, hence I decided to go for the cold Muscat tea brewed from blends supplied by Lupicia. Surprisingly elegant, the tea comes with a hint of white grapes that was subtly sweet before ending off with a tea aroma — very soothing and relaxing to have with something sweet on the side.

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Karafuru Desserts was a hit during its heydays; it existed in a time where eclairs were the trend especially on social media. Kumoya can be said as a successor that is improved to the legacy that Karafuru Desserts had left behind — the eclairs now feels more refined although smaller; it is more affordable and allows one to try multiple flavours at one go and the menu feels complete with the introduction of the savoury menu which is set to grow as the operations settle over time. Food is actually pretty decent, and the different variety of items do feel like there was a constant effort of R&D done before putting them out as a menu item — the Japanese fusion works and do not seem like a lazy combination of random items thrown into a single dish. Kumoya is also currently working on obtaining halal certification as well to better serve the Muslim community. A place that is worth trying out for brunch with a group of friends, especially for the interesting twists of Japanese-fusion savoury pancakes and the variety of the aesthetically appealing and interesting petite-sized eclairs that they have to offer.

8 Jalan Klapa
Singapore 199320

Web Page: http://www.kumoya.sg/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/kumoyasingapore


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Camden says:

    It is disappointing to have read about your positive review for Kumoya. We visited Kumoya today and tried their pastries. Such a disappointment!
    Sure, flavours for their eclairs worked well for some but you failed to mention the terrible texture of its eclairs.

    When we tried their madeleine, they were dry and clumpy. One small bite and it was enough to not waste calories.

    And P.s. did you call them Kurama twice instead of Kumoya in your last paragraph?

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      Hi Camden

      Thanks for highlighting the errors; have fixed them accordingly. We did agree that the madeleine was dry and have highlighted so in the post; thought the texture of the eclairs were decent overall; not the best but definitely more than just simply being edible; sorry to hear about your experience there.


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