Ninja Cut – Seah Street

Opened by the folks behind Ninja Bowl, Ninja Cut is their latest concept situated at Seah Street.

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Ninja Bowl is known for their grain bowl offerings, which features different condiments for each of the menu items with an option to opt for Quinoa, Ninja Rice, Soba or Garden Greens. Ninja Cut runs on a similar concept, though the menu items offered here do vary a little from Ninja Bowl. Similarly, Ninja Cut also offers a selection of brunch dishes just like Ninja Bowl but again with different offerings. The decor and vibe at Ninja Cut seem slightly more modern than Ninja Bowl, featuring design elements that are more in line with minimalism while incorporating the industrial vibes of Ninja Bowl which was carried over from Department of Caffeine which previously ran the Duxton space.

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(Char Siew Peekaboo)

Opting for one of the items listed in the Ninja Cuts section of the menu, we decided to try the Char Siew Peekaboo and opted for Quinoa as our choice of carbs. The dish comes with edamame, asparagus, honey-glazed carrots, pickled beetroot and Cha Shu Pork Roulade with an Onsen egg; a spread that is wholesome and hearty. Most of the components are generally mildly sweet and provided for a good balanced with the smoky and savoury slices of Cha Shu Pork which was great to pair with the Quinoa. Carrots were pretty soft to the bite as well, and the bowl was quite easy to finish for how wholesome it is.

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(Marvellous Matcha)

Marvellous Matcha is a dish classed as a brunch item, though technically it’s slightly different from the other brunch dishes which largely features toasts or being sandwiches (there is a granola option as well as a polenta dish too). This wasn’t quite a pancake as it sounded to be, but it’s still pretty well-executed. The consistency of the pancake was not ideally a pancake in nature, especially given how similar it was in texture to Sarnie’s Matcha White Chocolate Brownie — very smooth, very rich and decadent while featuring molten matcha lava which oozes out upon a cut of a knife just like a matcha lava cake. It’s pretty amazing how despite the amount of lava oozing out of the pancake that the dish has a good balance of Matcha aroma without being cloyingly sweet, and the rest of the components actually come to play by providing a good balance of flavours; the candied Yuzu peels gives it a chewy, sweet yet zesty flavour, while the chewy house-made Dango adds a little zingy, lemon-like citric flavour that really has to refresh the taste buds. The Azuki red beans give the pancakes the classic flavour combination, while the Speculoos crumbles give it a sweet crunch. Even the Ricotta Cheese helps in neutralizing all the flavours if it ever gets overwhelming. A very well thought-out dessert, though more of a gigantic (and flatter) molten matcha lava cake than the pancake it should have been.

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(Flat White)

Coffee is brewed with beans from “The Ninja Blend”, an exclusive blend for Ninja Cut by Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee at Stirling Road. The blend features beans from three origins; Colombia, Guatemala, and Ethiopia. The Flat White had citrusy notes, rather heavy-bodied and came with a nutty aftertaste.

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Despite the intense competition in the area with the eateries from neighboring roads (e.g Purvis Street), Ninja Cut probably stands out from the competition for there isn’t really many options to dine at with its price point — most are below if not higher. Being perhaps one of the only options for grain bowls in the area, Ninja Cut does give diners in the area another option for food. Ninja Bowl at Duxton has already seen success over the past year doing its thing, and Ninja Cut seems to be replicating the same formula with some differences to keep things fresh for patrons. A good spot to keep in mind when looking for a spot to dine at within City Hall.

Ninja Cut
32 Seah Street
Singapore 188388

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