Big Sake Bar – Concourse Skyline

With Concourse Skyline being opened for a while by now, merchants have been trickling slowly into the building.

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Big Sake Bar takes the space which was formerly operated by a cafe — a Japanese dining bar, it is decorated tastefully with a partition separating the full-length windows from the dining area for a darker, bar-ish environment. Despite so, there are four seats in between the partition and the windows which serve as an additional space away from the main dining area which can be useful if the main dining area is fully occupied. Being more of a sake bar, expect only sides and a wide variety of curated Sakes available here on the menu for dinner — they do serve four different sets during lunch hours for $15nett targeting the office workers in the area.

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(Set A – Chicken Katsu with Unagi Sushi Roll)

Set A features Sushi Roll coming alongside Chicken Katsu; presumingly the Sushi Roll comes as a substitute for rice in the set. There is a choice between Salmon, Spicy Salmon, Tuna, Unagi, Fried Ebi, Tamago for the Sushi Roll, and each of the sets is served with Miso Soup on the side. They have also included a saucer of Tonkatsu sauce and Japanese mayonnaise (or if you like to call it, Kewpie) on the side as a dip to the Chicken Katsu. Chicken Katsu was decently crisp, while the flesh within was of a good bite and tender; Sushi Roll was presented a little messy but overall still decent with a slab of Unagi amongst other condiments within — both elements were safely decent but rather average overall.

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(Set C – Salmon Don)

Set C is a Donburi dish featuring raw fish with a choice of either Maguro or Salmon, which my dining partner opted for the latter. A colourful bowl that pleases the eyes but included quite a few rather surprising elements for a Japanese Donburi such as arugula for greens and cherry tomatoes. The dish was rather average but felt very confused; salmon slices was fresh and the rice needed a little more sweetness (though it’s probably just me), but the arugula and cherry tomatoes were quite hard to relate in such a combination — made the Donburi feel a tad similar to a brunch item served in cafes except with rice and salmon instead of smoked salmon.

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Overall, Big Sake Bar is probably a place that is probably good as a chill-out spot for some after-work drinks, especially with its wide range of Sake that is sourced out of Singapore. Service staff was rather hospitable and alert too with them being quite attentive especially in refilling water and answering our queries. The set lunch deals are considerably affordable for they only cost $15nett, but there is definitely a lot of room for improvement given the overall rather average flavours, quality and at times, odd interpretations of certain dishes (e.g. the Salmon Don) that they might have. Perhaps Big Sake Bar needs some time to iron out the issues with their food and menu, especially with the tough competition from the F&B players surrounding them in the vicinity …

Big Sake Bar
Concourse Skyline
302 Beach Road
Singapore 199600

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