Apiary – Neil Road

Neil Road seemed to have become one of the most happening streets along Outram Park when it comes to the cafe scene in Singapore, especially with notable F&B players such as The Lokal, The Daily Roundup and The Populus Food and Coffee Co. all situated along the same road.

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Apiary is the newest F&B establishment at Neil Road. Occupying a space previously taken by an office. Decked out in a minimalist decor scheme, the cafe is a small but rather instagrammable space which is decked out in white walls, wood elements and a glass ceiling in one section that allows for natural lighting to seep in. The opening menu for Apiary features a variety of ice-cream flavours, two types of waffles (Charcoal/Plain) and two pastries (Lemon Tart/Chocolate Tart). Tea, coffee and chocolate are available for beverages, with coffee brewed using blends from Two Degrees North Coffee Company (which is affiliated with The Populus Food & Coffee Co. and Senate Specialty Coffee).

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(Charcoal Waffle with Thai Green Tea Ice-Cream)

My dining partner and I settled for the Charcoal Waffle and Thai Green Tea Ice-Cream. Coming with chunks of strawberries as well as maple syrup and chocolate sauce drizzled along the sides, the Charcoal Waffles was a little soft and limp — lacks crispiness and fluffiness and seemed to require a little bit more work on the recipe. The Thai Green Tea ice-cream was good however; it was evidently aromatic and carried a hint of floral scent which seemed to work very well with the slightly more evident charcoal flavours that exist in the waffle; definitely a great idea to pair with the waffle if you are one who must have a waffle to go with ice-cream.

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(Left: Black Sesame, Top Right: Bergamot Sorbet, Bottom Right: Minion)

We tried various flavours of ice-cream, and all of them were pretty on point for those we have had a taste of. My eventual picks were the Despicable; a playful flavour inspired by the Minions where Banana ice-cream meets crunchy walnuts and chewy brownies and the intensely rich but smooth and creamy Black Sesame. We also went for the Bergamot Sorbet; a refreshing palette cleanser that provides for a zesty zing in the mouth. Other flavours I tried over the counter included the Matcha (carries aptly bitter tones of the tea balanced off with its creaminess), Bailey’s Brownie (a boozy creation with chewy brownies meant for those who like alcoholic desserts) and Earl Grey Lavender (pretty aromatic). In fact, all of the flavours we tried were rich and creamy and were really smooth with their intended flavours being much on-point; definitely worth trying to make an informed decision to settle for a favourite.

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(Flat White)

Coffee, as mentioned earlier, is being brewed from a blend specially roasted by Two Degrees North Coffee Roasters for Apiary. Named “The Apiary Blend”, this blend features 70% beans of Brazilian origin and 30% from El Salvador. The result of the Flat White is a heavy-bodied cuppa carrying a fruity punch at the start with a chocolatey and nutty finish.

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Despite being situated in the row of a never-ending list of cafes at Neil Road, Apiary’s specialties seem relatively remote from the neighboring cafes which do have a specialty in ice-creams. We were satisfied with the quality of ice-cream served and the variety of both safe and slightly more adventurous flavours served at Apiary — all of which are actually rather well-priced in the area. The waffles seemed to require a little bit more tweaking in its recipe however for its texture. Overall though, Apiary is one of the places we would see ourselves return for ice-cream again, and they do have upcoming plans of serving plated desserts soon that seems all very interesting to look forward to. For now, it would really be interesting to see how Apiary would fare in the near future especially if it achieves a consistent quality (if not, an improved quality) for their ice-cream. We wish them all the best for the future to come!

84 Neil Road
Singapore 088844

Web Page: http://www.apiary.sg/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/apiary.sg/?fref=ts


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