Banhmi Brothers – 16 Collyer Quay

Previously a spot occupied by Baguette which is in turn owned by the same people behind Pine Garden’s Cake who also run Next Door Deli at Ang Mo Kio, Baguette has since gone through a transformation by collaborating with Mrs Pho and rebranded as Banhmi Brothers after a revamp to the old shop space.

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Going for a more industrial theme, Banhmi Brothers features graffiti walls and flooring with a ceiling filled with bicycle rims amidst ceiling lamps. Unlike Baguette in the past, Banhmi Brothers does not feature any seating area, though there are long communal tables available for dine-in which suits the grab-and-go crowd during lunch hour in the CBD. Both microUSB wires and Lightning cables are available at the patron’s disposal on most of the tables in the store; a pretty thoughtful touch that enables patrons to charge their phone on-the-go while eating their sandwich/pho. Offering both Banhmi and Pho dishes here, the sandwich menu seemed like a more concentrated version of what Baguette used to serve, limited to only four options (Pork, Chicken, Pork Ball and Veggie) while the collaboration with Mrs Pho adds their signature Beef Pho and a Chicken Pho onto the menu. A small variety of sides are offered, such as the Fresh Spring Roll and the Prawn Crackers. For those looking for something to quench their thirst, drinks are also available, such as Vietnamese Drip Coffee (served both hot or cold), tea and lemonade.

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(Banh Mi Nem Nuong – BMB Pork Meat Ball)

Having tried both versions of Pho before at Mrs Pho, I have decided to go for the Banh Mi Nem Nuong, also known as the BMB Pork Meat Ball. Coming with a crisp baguette bun, it gives the entire sandwich a good crunch without feeling too dense and heavy. Stuffed with chopped pork meatballs within, the meatballs were tender, soft and carried a hint of peppery flavour, while accompanied with pickled vegetables that carried a tangy flavour that is pretty much an element that makes it a Vietnamese dish. Coming with chopped chili and cucumbers, the cucumbers gave the Banh Mi a pretty refreshing crunch while the chili gave it a pretty good, raw and spicy kick that flavours up the dish with yet another flavour profile.

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(Saigon Salty Ice Lemonade)

A beverage that I had probably fallen in love ever since the first time I have had it at Mrs Pho, the Saigon Salty Ice Lemonade is my sort of thirst-quencher. Somewhat similar to plum added into a sports drink, this was really refreshing despite the saltiness; perhaps plum lovers would really like this drink just like how I enjoyed it.

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Having tried simply one Banh Mi, it may not be sufficient to say if the food here is truly good. However, given if the condiments for the Banh Mi are largely consistent and that the Pho are similar to the previous standards set by Mrs Pho from our visit sometime back, Banhmi Brothers is certainly a place worthy for the CBD office workers to check out during lunch. Priced at wallet-friendly rates, Banh Mi are priced around the $6 range, while the Pho are around $10. At such prices, the food quality is definitely worth the price. Perhaps somewhere to hit for weekday lunch soon?

Banhmi Brothers
16 Collyer Quay
Singapore 049318

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