Scoop Therapy – Odeon Katong (Closed)

(Scoop Therapy had since ceased operations.)

Yet another concept by Group Therapy Cafe, Scoop Therapy is the latest concept after Regroup X Scoop Therapy which is a full-fledged ice-cream parlour situated at Odeon Katong, a stone’s throw away from Group Therapy Cafe at Katong V.

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Scoop Therapy replaces the former spot of Old Skool Dessert House at Odeon Katong, revamping the shop space with wooden counters though the shop space still feels relatively spartan with most of the fittings from the previous tenant taken down. Unlike most ice-cream parlours which serve mostly ice-cream in cones, cups, or with waffles and brownies, the menu of Scoop Therapy at Odeon Katong comes with pretty innovative desserts that also features their ice-cream, as well as Milkshakes and also a Sundae Bar where you can mix and match the ice-cream with various toppings and sauces that are up to your fancy.

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Giving the fancy desserts a try, the S’Mores felt like a dessert inspired by Dominique Ansel’s S’mores. A marshmallow seared by a blowtorch, the marshmallow encases a cracker crumb core which coats the Dark Chocolate ice-cream within. The sticky, fluffy melted marshmallow was simply comforting the same way a marshmallow torched over a campfire would; warm, smoky, sweet yet encasing a crumbly core where you bite through to get that rich and creamy chocolate flavour within. One thing I found particularly interesting was how the searing somehow did not affect the ice-cream at all; still maintaining its shape and texture without melting it into a drippy mess that earns points on the execution on the dessert.

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(Ice Cream Bomb)

Being less spectacular than the S’Mores, the only thing that is worth a mention in the Ice Cream Bomb would be the Earl Grey Vanilla ice-cream that was creamy and aromatic which would strike a note with Earl Grey lovers out there. The entire Ice Cream Bomb had been assembled beforehand and stored in the freezer, only to be drizzled with hot fudge and popcorn positioned on the top upon order. This made the Choux Puff feel really dry, bready and stiff while the chocolate fudge was just too sweet and felt heaty to the throat (I would have preferred a choice for patrons to opt for the chocolate sauce if they choose to) and the popcorn felt more like slightly hardened honeycomb that sticks on the undersides of the teeth. Would really recommend having the S’Mores or the ice-cream by themselves over this.

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Given their small offering of desserts apart from the usual ice-cream, it is interesting to see Scoop Therapy offering a different perspective of ice-cream to the masses. The S’Mores would most probably turn into a hit, especially being the first place in Singapore to serve a replica similar to Dominique Ansel’s version. That being said, I do hope that they could perhaps do something to the back of the shop, which is stacked with items and the wall which is stained with unremoved glue stains left behind from the fittings from the previous tenant; it does make the ice-cream parlour feel a tad spartan and opened in a rush. That being said, Scoop Therapy might be one of the places that would be the go-to spot for desserts in Katong especially with the interesting menu that they serve; let’s just watch and see if they can stand the test of time …

Scoop Therapy
Odeon Katong
11 East Coast Road
Singapore 428722


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