Sweet Garden Dessert House – Cassia Crescent (Rebranded)

(Sweet Garden Dessert House had since been rebranded as Sweet Garden Dining Cafe.)

Replacing The Hideout at Cassia Crescent, Sweet Garden Dessert House is yet another dessert cafe which offers a variety of desserts on the menu.

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Taking over the former spot of The Hideout, there are some subtle changes in the interior, though much of the basic decor such as the full-length mirrors at the end of the shop and the overhead lamps on the ceiling at the middle of the shop have remained. Focusing on desserts, the menu during the time of our visit consists of various items from the basic waffle and ice-cream, cakes (which are served plated on pans), apple crumble, cookies, cupcakes and mousse-based desserts. Coffee and tea are available here to couple with the desserts, as well as a small milkshake menu; blends from Vittoria Coffee is used for the coffee here.

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(The Loved Flambé with Grand Marnier)

Labeled as one of the signature items on their menu, The Loved Flambé with Grand Marnier comes default with a single scoop of ice-cream of your choice which we went for the Torched Marshmallow ice-cream. Served much like an Apple Crumble, the bananas were caramalised and flambé with Grand Marnier before the crumbles and walnuts were added, while chopped strawberries are added to give it a colourful visual contrast. Bananas were chunky, soft to bite and sweet, though light on the liquor, well-complimented with the buttery crumbles with the crunchy walnuts while the strawberries add a slightly tart flavour but more neutralising than adding a contrasting flavour to the dessert. The Torched Marshmallow ice-cream was pretty fitting with the dessert, tasting much like its description but pretty unique for it comes chilled rather than the usual warmness torched marshmallow is associated with, also coming with baby marshmallows within to provide for a chewy texture which was rather interesting. Served in a warm pan, this may not be one dessert that may set anyone mind-blown, but it definitely works for anybody who has a sweet-tooth that is constantly on the search for the next sweet treat to have.

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(Tiramisu Mousse)

Tiramisu Mousse was the Chef’s Special of the day, which was pretty decent in its quality and how it tasted given the price tag of $3.90. It comes complete with the usual components intact; cream cheese, coffee mousse and crumbles at the bottom; a small but satisfying treat for a quick fix to any random Tiramisu craving that one might have.

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Given the departure of Maple & Market (who have reopened after a year of hiatus at Marine Parade) and The Hideout from Cassia Crescent, the neighbourhood had seen a decline in dessert cafes of the late. Sweet Garden Dessert House definitely gives the residents around yet another interesting option for desserts, especially given the wide range of creative desserts that they serve. Quality-wise, the desserts are decent and perhaps more tuned towards the neighbourhood crowd with an emphasis on children, and is pretty fair for its location and target audience; the owners have also said that they would be rolling out more items on the menu in time to come. A place that is probably worth a visit if you are in the area to check them out for some insta-worthy and colourful desserts presented on a pan that would hit any sweet-tooth out there.

Sweet Garden Dessert House
Blk 32 Cassia Crescent
Singapore 390032

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/sweetgarden.sg


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  1. Linford gaw says:

    Hi, new shop at raffles city shopping centre. B1-78. WHEAT

  2. Sandy Tan says:

    Home based catering of Handmade Nonya Kuehs and food!

    Contact us at Sandy Tan 98442323.

    Check us out on Facebook “Kueh Ho Chiak”!

    Freshness and quality guaranteed!

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