Noshery at Nosh – Rochester Park (Closed)

(Noshery at Nosh had since ceased operations.)

Located within Nosh, Noshery is a new cafe concept by the same folks behind Nosh, which is located at the ground level of the colonial-era house situated across Nosh’s al-fresco seating area.

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With a location nestled in the quaint Rochester Park, Noshery is a space that you would feel that you have stepped out of Singapore from the moment you reach its doorstep, with lush greenery surrounding the house and steps leading to the deck linked to the second level of the house which gives access to the al-fresco seating of Nosh. Head right instead, where it would lead you to the entrance at the ground level of the house where you would find yourself standing in front of the wooden door that leads you to Noshery. Decked in wood furnishings, lots of natural elements and splashes of green, the interior is tastefully decorated to exude a modern, tropical vibe that is still retro enough to fit into the building that it is set in. One can choose to dine in the dining hall, or if you fancy, the al-fresco areas which are situated around the house. Serving brunch on weekends from 10:30am to 2:30pm, they offer a spread of brunch classics such as Pancakes, Eggs Benedict and Shakshouka. For those who do not fancy brunch-y dishes, there is also a small selection of mains to order; mainly the Nosh Burger, Yakitori Salmon, Full Monty and Beef Short Rib.

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(Crab Benedict)

Having seen their menu online, the Crab Benedict had gotten my attention way before we have decided to make a visit to Noshery. Crab cakes served with Eggs Benedict by now may not be something too new or foreign to most, but Noshery’s crab cakes are done the way it should have been for most other cafes; stuffed with shredded crab meat with minimal/no use of fillers such as potatoes. With this fact in mind, the crab cakes are absolutely on point in terms of both flavour and texture, one could taste the strong yet fresh crustacean flavour from within the lightly crisp batter, which was a delight to have. Eggs were also poached to perfection here, perching atop the crab cake and light, fluffy English muffin and drenched in a Coconut Curry Hollandaise, evidently richer but less sour than the usual hollandaise. Coming with a side salad and roasted potatoes also on the side, this is the ideal breakfast for those who enjoy a little twist on a conventional brunch dish.

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(Full Monty)

My dining partner chose the Full Monty, which is pretty much a Big Breakfast spread that comes with two eggs done to your preference (poached/scrambled/fried), bacon, pork sausages, roasted potatoes, sauteed mushrooms and grilled tomatoes. One thing that I liked about the Full Monty here is that it also comes with Yorkshire Pudding and gravy; something that I found pretty interesting given Yorkshire Pudding is a hard find in Singapore, not to mention being served on a breakfast platter. As wholesome as it gets, we enjoyed everything on the plate because of how nicely executed it was; pork sausages all soft and tender, being tastefully and sinfully salty for what it should be as cured meat, juicy and earthy mushrooms. Yorkshire Pudding here felt like a crossover between a light bread and a puff, and definitely so addictive when you dip it in that light, savoury sauce. A wholesome treat fit for a king.

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(Yakitori Salmon)

As plain as it may seem even on the menu, the dish that blew us away was the Yakitori Salmon. Don’t get me wrong here; the other two dishes were executed well, but both felt a little conventional and safe being familiar brunch classics as compared to this, which was pretty much a gastronomical experience. Served with Coconut Rice and Vietnamese Caramel, the slab of salmon was impressive. Coated in a thick and sweet Yakitori glaze, the salmon still manages to exude its freshness without it being overwhelmed by the glaze, with a crisp skin that made it just so intriguing. Add on the Coconut Rice, which brings back familiar memories of Nasi Lemak, but with an interesting hint of Gula Melaka sweetness in the Vietnamese Caramel sauce drizzled, the familiar flavours transforms into something so mesmerising when combined. This dish was so good that it took no effort to polish the whole plate clean; yes even all the rice grains and sprouts inclusive.

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(Flat White)

Forgot to ask them about the origin of the beans they used for their coffee here, but the Flat White came pretty punchy with its roasty and nutty flavour profile with a medium body that is low in acidity. Good for a perk-me-up for brunch!

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I have had quite a bit of brunch items from different cafes of the past, so much I have been avoiding brunch dishes of the late. Noshery, however, has perhaps left a good impression with me amongst the many places that I have tried. Sure, some of the dishes might sound not much different from others, but I truly enjoyed every single morsel of food for they were classics done good, especially for the Crab Benedict and Full Monty. The Yakitori Salmon leaves a real strong impression where it does show their capabilities in serving fusion dishes without missing the gastronomical aspect. Add on the environment factor such as the beautifully decorated interior, that relaxed setting of the surroundings in general, I would say this is a pretty apt spot to impress your date with if you are willing to part with some cash, given most dishes are above the $20 mark without GST and service charge. Still, a place I would highly recommend to visit once in a lifetime, just for a real quality chill out away from crowds on the weekend in a comfy spot that is unlike any other.

Noshery at Nosh
9 Rochester Park
Singapore 139920

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Facebook Page (Nosh):


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