Candour Coffee – Beach Road

Newly-opened at Beach Road, Candour Coffee is a cafe that is targetted at the office workers around the area.

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Taking partially the space that used to be run entirely by Manicurious, Candour Coffee now operates the cafe situated in the front half section of the shophouse, while Manicurious still occupies the space behind Candour Coffee which is separated with a yellow door at the back of the cafe. Being pretty much in line with the usual decor of cafes of the late, Candour Coffee features a largely white space and wooden furniture with splashes of pastel blue for some contrast. Offering only pastries and beverages during our visit, the display fridge carries only two cakes; a Banana Bread and a Chocolate Cake, while the list of beverages served here includes coffee (brewed using blends roasted by Market Lane Coffee from Australia) and tea (from Man Cha based in Hong Kong). During our visit, we have also spotted a waffle machine being placed around the espresso bar area, which we were told that the waffles were still in under R&D and would be made available soon.

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(Banana Bread)

Having had a dessert prior to the visit, we decided to go for the Banana Bread instead of the Chocolate Cake for something lighter. At $2.50 a slice, there is little we could complain about the Banana Bread for it was considered a steal. This was less dense and not as moist as the usual Banana Bread (which fits the lighter texture), but it does feel more bread-like without the yeast, which was pretty decent given it still perfumed of the natural sweetness of banana while speckled with a good amount of walnuts within. What I personally found interesting and liked about the Banana Bread was the crusty exterior that gave the Banana Bread yet another dimension in terms of texture, making it pretty interesting to eat.

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(Flat White)

As mentioned earlier, the coffee here is brewed with blends from Market Lane Coffee situated in Australia. The Flat White here was strong; medium-bodied and pretty earthy and roasty but also carried a citrus-sy flavour. This is also one of the pricier cups around, carrying a price tag of $6.

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Being located in the heart of town just a short distance away from the CBD, Candour Coffee does make for a beautiful and quiet spot for coffee for meeting up with friends and even business meetings. Its strategic location is also one that is convenient for take-away coffee for office workers in the area, though the prices here may be on the pricier side and there are also quite a few choices around the area serving pretty decent coffee around. While we do see that the lack of a proper kitchen might have limited the variety of the menu (they only have an oven which sits at a pretty strange place to the right of the door to Manicurious), it would probably help a lot if they could perhaps sell pre-packed sandwiches that only require warming up as well in order those who might be looking for something to munch on; something that One Man Coffee had achieved with its Fusionopolis Two outlet. Apart from the lack of food, perhaps service could also be a little more sensitive as well. I am one who have no issues about spilt coffee when they are served as is, but some places do offer to change a cup or at least bring the cup back to clean the spill before serving it back to the customer yet again; perhaps something they can pick up to further improve the service. Overall, a new place that would be worth checking out especially if you are into Market Lane Coffee’s blends, which is a pretty difficult find in Singapore.

Candour Coffee
41 Beach Road
Singapore 189680

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