Fuel Plus+ – Morse Road

Telok Blangah has seen quite a number of cafes come and go within the neighbourhood. Being the newest kids on the block, Fuel Plus+ is hidden within Morse Road, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the main road.

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Replacing the former space of now-defunct 93 Degrees C beside Lakshimi Vilas Restaurant at the row of shophouses adjacent to Fragrance Hotel, Fuel Plus+ is a sister cafe to Refuel Cafe, situated at Bedok Reservoir Road. Quite unlike Refuel Cafe, Fuel Plus+ feels more like an extension of its brand with another identity of its own. Decked out in a simplistic and modern theme, the space is largely white with wooden furnishings; a theme that would definitely appeal to instagrammers as opposed to the dark, industrial look of Refuel Cafe. The menu served at Fuel Plus+ is also more extensive as compared to the sister cafe when they have first started out, offering more than just brunch fare and desserts with a number of substantial mains and burgers served on the menu.

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(Soft Shell Crab Curry)

Visiting the cafe alone, I decided to go straight for a main where I chose to have the Soft Shell Crab Curry. Described as “Crispy Soft Shell Crab on bed of Curry with Potatoes, Spinach and Toast”, this is a pretty wholesome dish that might be quite filling for some. The curry here seemed to be Thai-inspired, being slightly thicker and creamier, yet rich and even comes with a hint of lemongrass flavour which made it pretty refreshing despite sitting in the middle of being mildly to moderately spicy. Coming with a soft shell crab, the crab is pretty crispy and delightful to have with the flavourful curry, that comes with loads of chopped onions (I love onions, so I am not complaining at all), lightly-fried potato cubes and cherry tomatoes which gives a tangy burst when you pop them. Do remember to soak the toasted bread into the curry, so it gets soaked up with all that goodness because you know you would never want to waste a single drop of that awesomeness. Definitely a comforting dish to have on a cold, rainy day.

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(Homemade Apple Crumble)

For dessert, the Homemade Apple Crumble could be something that one can finish on their own for most of the other items are slightly bigger items such as Hotcakes, French Toast, Pancakes etc., though I would still advise that one should share it especially after a main (was just plainly hungry that day; don’t ask me why). Served in a “pan”, the version here makes do without the crust that a usual Apple Crumble Pie would have, instead serving it directly with the caramalised apples, crumbles and a scoop of Vanilla ice-cream on the top. Caramalised apples were soft, soaking in and coated with the sweetness of the caramel and the aroma of cinnamon while topped with cookie crumbles mixed with chopped nuts. This would be so close to hitting the mark, if not for the slightly icy Vanilla ice-cream that comes along with it. Still quite a satisfying dessert with a classic combination of flavours done well despite that minor issue though.

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(Flat White)

Using beans roasted by La Ristrettos, the Flat White is medium-bodied with an earthy and nutty tone and a citrus-sy finish. Definitely works for a morning perk-me-up.

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Having visited Refuel Cafe when they first opened, I have always thought that Refuel Cafe does a pretty decent job with their food at an affordable price. It is definitely heartening to see Refuel Cafe grow within the past year and a half from a neighbourhood cafe within the community that they belong to having a second outlet situated at another corner of the island. Prices at Fuel Plus+ might be slightly higher than at Refuel Cafe, but given the vibes and the serene environment surrounding Fuel Plus+, it seems pretty reasonable for this is a place where you get to enjoy the food, and soak the relaxing atmosphere around it and chill around with a few friends over the weekend. Definitely a spot that is worth checking out, and let’s hope them all the best for the future coming up!

Fuel Plus+
16 Morse Road
Singapore 099228

Phone: +65 6291 9182

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/fuelplussg


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