Olivia & Co – Suntec City Mall

With the renovations of Suntec City Mall complete, the last wave of new tenants are slowly moving into the mall. Olivia & Co is one of the few tenants that have recently opened for business in Suntec City.

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Situated in a space just a few shops down Pasarbella and The Art Space Specialty Coffee, Olivia & Co takes up one shop unit for a small retail space as well as for its kitchen, while taking up the aisle space for the main dining area and a small counter for the cashier, cake display freezer and espresso machine. Olivia & Co was still in its soft launch phase while we made our two separate visits; the menu was refreshed every week with new items added to the menu each time. As of our last visit to Olivia & Co, they offered quite an extensive menu from entrees to burgers and sandwiches, as well as all-day brunch featuring the usual egg dishes and also quite a couple of salads. For desserts, there is a choice of waffles from the menu, as well as the selection of bakes inside the display fridge. A wide range of drinks is also available, with tea, coffee and milkshakes being just some of the options available in the menu.

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(Vietnamese Wings)

Good for sharing, the wings come in two options of sizes; in six-piece portions or twelve-piece options. These are the Vietnamese Wings, which are coated with a fish sauce and lime marinade. These would definitely appeal to those who prefer their fried chicken to come with lighter batter; unlike its Korean and fast food counterparts, the batter here remains its crispness without being too floury and thick, while the chicken meat was juicy, tender and succulent. The marinade worked well with a savoury yet tangy flavour, though I would say I would really love it if that were to be a little bit more generous with the marinade. Perhaps done so in order not to overwhelm the fried chicken with the flavour of the marinade, but some parts seemed to lack that umami-goodness of the sauce, which I thought could have been more evenly spread out.

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(Banh Meanie)

For something more substantial at Olivia & Co, the burgers and sandwiches to come in pretty huge portions with quite an amount of fries which is pretty filling. The Banh Meanie is their take on the Vietnamese Banh Mi, the menu describes it with pulled pork marinated in hoisin sauce and Sriracha, with pickled carrots, onion, blanched beans and cucumber with creamy jalapeno aioli in between housemade bread roll. Personally, this was perhaps not really authentic to the more traditional Banh Mi out there, but this was absolutely delicious especially how each ingredient was so well-executed down to the single detail. The pulled pork does not seem to be really pulled pork, but, in fact, felt more like chunks of pork belly that had been marinated in the sticky, umami mix of sauces that is also subtly sweet and spicy that just keeps you going. Add in the crunchy, juicy and sweet pickled vegetables, as well as the creamy jalapeno aioli which gives a subtle spiciness, and the sandwich is pretty addictive that it is hard to stop.

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(Caramalised Pork Belly)

If bread is not really too much of your thing, you can also opt for the entrees on the menu, such as the Caramalised Pork Belly which comes with a papaya and mango salad on the side. Subtly sweet on the exterior, the porky flavours of the meat exudes within, where it reveals a soft, melty, fatty layer of meat with a little lean-ness that gives it a bite. The salad was pretty refreshing with its light hint of sweetness from the papaya strips and came a little tangy that seemed to be flavoured with a little lime zest.

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While we did not manage to try a variety of items, our visit to Olivia & Co was pretty satisfactory. Food quality was decent, although the prices might be on the steeper side; one can easily feel the execution of the food, where the chef seemed to emphasize a lot on the not just the final product, but also the individual components of the dish where you can actually taste every single component that is being described in the menu, something a lot of places seemed to lack these days. Sure, there is a little room for improvement, but the misses were pretty much minor and probably only occur from a little too much nitpicking, hence should be able to satiate most people. One thing I do hope is to see them innovate a little more, for it has the potential to churn out pretty unique dishes that could be a little bit more daring as compared to its current menu. Nonetheless, this is one spot that would make for a good dining option in Suntec City which I would definitely return to some day.

Olivia & Co
Suntec City Mall
3 Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038983

Web Page: http://oliviaandco.com.sg/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OliviaAndCoSG

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