Lollapalooza – Keong Saik Road (Closed)

(Lollapalooza has since ceased operations.)

Not exactly considered new in the restaurant scene, Lollapalooza is a sister restaurant situated at Keong Saik Road by the same people behind Lolla’s, which has been operating almost for a year now.

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Lolla’s is established within the foodie scene with its Tapas menu, an especially known for their Sea Urchin Pudding. Lollapalooza takes on another approach however, where diners are encouraged to share bigger plates. One thing to note here is that the menu for Lollapalooza changes on an everyday basis, where the menu is pretty dependant on the type of fresh produce available that day which also makes it a little more exciting for the diner who may be able to try something new on every visit to the restaurant. There is also a set lunch deal which runs on during weekday lunch hours, where you can opt for the three-course set lunch ($38++) or the four-course set lunch ($48++).

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(Buratta with Jamon Serrano, Feijoda & Wild Honeycomb)

First of the three-course set lunch menu on the day we visited was the Buratta with Jamon Serrano, Feijoda & Wild Honeycomb, which is also available in their ala-carte menu. This as a pretty all-rounded dish in terms of flavour because it seemed to hit all areas of the tastebuds less bitterness and spiciness; the Buratta giving that creamy yet cheesy flavour with the cured meats adding on to the savoury factor. Feijoda (a type of Guava) provided a fruity tanginess to the dish while the Wild Honeycomb injects its sweetness to balance all the flavours out. While the portion shown above was in fact two portions combined into one plate (both of us had the same starter; there wasn’t really a choice anyway), this was immensely heavy on the palate despite the other ingredients, perhaps for how huge the block of gloopy cheese was which got both of us a little tired after a while; perhaps a reduction in portion size would make this dish more delightful to finish.

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(Porcini Tagliatelle with Mixed Forest Mushrooms)

Opting for the Porcini Tagliatelle with Mixed Forest Mushrooms for my main course, this is the only dish out of the set lunch menu that could not be found in their ala-carte menu. While the sauce was pretty creamy and filled with earthy flavours, the accompanied mixed forest mushrooms felt a tad dry, and the tagliatelle itself tasted a tad doughy. Perhaps just a dish that does not really hit my tastebuds.

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(Chargrilled secreto Iberico de bellota served with Duck Fat Potato Terrine & Piquillo Peppers)

My dining partner went with the Chargrilled secreto Iberico de bellota served with Duck Fat Potato Terrine & Piquillo Peppers, which is available as two separate dishes on the ala-carte menu; the Chargrilled secreto Iberico de bellota as one item by itself and the Duck Fat Potato Terrine as another. This was far more enjoyable than the tagliatelle; the pork was tender and juicy and was done with a pinkish centre. It carried flavours that seemed to be a crossover of a Chinese stir-fry (possibly due to the inclusion of peppers) and an English pork sausage. The Duck Fat Potato Terrine were absolutely lovely; thin sheets of potatoes that was crisp on the edges but remain soft in the middle, carrying savoury flavours from the duck fat absorbed.

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(Nut-Brown Butter ice-cream and the Blackcurrant Sorbet)

For dessert, we were able to choose between the Nut-Brown Butter ice-cream and the Blackcurrant Sorbet. Both of us preferred the former, where you could get a light subtle sweetness and nutty flavour from the Butternut used in the ice-cream. One thing to note however; my dining partner did chew on a large ice crystal almost towards the end of, though it probably is a one-off scenario. Blackcurrant Sorbet might probably hit off better for those who love their sour desserts. Sure, the Blackcurrant Sorbet does invoke some childhood nostalgia with flavours identical to Ribena on the first spoonful, but all your childhood dreams shatter the moment when the zingy and tart flavours start coming up a little later; not necessarily a bad thing, but you have been warned.

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(Sea Urchin & Crab Tart)

To be really honest, the sole reason why we have headed our way to Lollapalooza was actually for the Sea Urchin & Crab Tart which we have seen circulating on Burpple and Instagram for a while now. Given how Lolla is pretty much known for their Sea Urchin Pudding, we have figured that this dish is something we have to try. It did not disappoint; this was really huge in umami flavours with the fresh Sea Urchin sitting atop a flaky, buttery tart which has filling pretty similar to an egg tart, but filled with shreds of crab meat for a chunky bite and was pretty much like nothing we have ever tasted before. Pretty innovative, and pretty delicious and impressionable as well.

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Dining at Lollapalooza was a pretty casual, but also satisfactory one; you get almost a fine dining sort of vibe where the decor is clean, minimalist and yet unpretentious, decked out in soothing and bright colours without being too strong to the eye. Service was also pretty prompt with waiters diligently filling up water immediately clearing the plates off the table when you have finished the course, and the kitchen immediately fires up what is next. The food was pretty decent, though with a few misses. Perhaps it is high time to give Lolla a try; I have heard that they too have rather interesting offerings that are pretty memorable as well …

1 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089109

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