Oh My Tian Bakehouse & Cafe – Blk 34 Whampoa West (Closed)

(Edited 26/02/2017 –  Oh My Tian Bakehouse & Cafe is no longer affiliated with Hatter Street Bakehouse & Cafe and is operating with a different management.)

(Edited 05/07/2017 – Oh My Tian has ceased operations.)

With the success of Hatter Street Bakehouse & Cafe at Kovan, the same folks have now opened yet another concept; this time at Whampoa West with a cafe named Oh My Tian Bakehouse & Cafe.

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Hatter’s Street whimsical style seems to go yet another level here; while the former adopts an “Alice In Wonderland” theme, Oh My Tian’s decor could be described as eclectic from the Chinese-inspired door knobs on the exterior all the way to the “Merry Go Round” area within the shop. Carrying the signature dishes of Hatter’s Street, Oh My Tian also serves cakes, ice-cream and the Whoaffles that they are known for. Unlike Hatter’s Street however, Oh My Tian carries an exclusive menu of savoury dishes that is set to grow larger as time goes along.

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(Donut Burger)

Since we have tried most of the desserts available at Hatter’s Street already, we settled for items on the Savouries menu. One of the more daring items of the menu, the Donut Burger comes with a choice of either chicken or beef variants. Essentially a donut sliced into half, it comes with chicken patty stuffed with melted cheese, hashbrown, sauteed shimeiji mushrooms, caramlised onions, BBQ Sauce and mixed greens on the side. This was a decent package considering its price. The donut seemed to be intentionally made a little soft and light so as to make the burger feel less filling, while the patty was tender, covered with melted cheese while accompanied with the sweet caramalised onions and juicy sauteed shimeiji mushrooms. One thing that could be improved on was the overall feel of the dish; the Donut Burger felt a little generic, especially with the hashbrown and chicken patty. Perhaps they could use grilled chicken to replace the chicken patty, and it would really help for them to reduce the amount of BBQ sauce used for it seemed to have overpowered the burger.

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(French Toast)

French Toast came with Brioche French Toast, Bruleed Banana, Turkey Ham, Maple Syrup and Maple Butter. While classified under the Savouries menu, this item was seemingly more like a dessert instead, especially since the only savoury element in this dish is Turkey Ham. Again, this was decent for its price range, though not particularly memorable. Brioche seemed to have absorbed the egginess well, being light and fluffy while accompanied with banana slices coated with a layer of crystalised sugar. Maple Butter provided a fragrant, sweet aroma to the French Toast, while the maple syrup adds a light touch of sweetness that further enhances the flavour.

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Having tried the savoury items at Oh My Tian, perhaps I would still say that I very much preferred their desserts from what I have tried at Hatter’s Street as the savoury items do not seem to be their forte. This is not particularly surprising however, as Hatter’s Street is very much known for their desserts and I guess this is pretty much where Oh My Tian would also excel at; perhaps Oh My Tian’s savoury menu would improve as time goes along. Still, Oh My Tian certainly gives Whampoa West/Boon Keng residents an option on cafes to chill that not only carries dessert and coffee, but also with a hot food menu for something more substantial. If you are one who likes the vibes of Hatter’s Street and their Whoaffles, this is a place you should not miss.

Oh My Tian Bakehouse & Cafe
Blk 34 Whampoa West
Singapore 330034

Web Page: http://www.ohmytian.sg/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OhMyTianSG


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  1. Hatter Street says:

    Please note that Hatter Street has NO affiliations with Oh My Tian Cafe. Please edit the information, thanks

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