Two Plus One Creamery – The Woodgrove (Closed)

(Two Plus One had since ceased operations. It has been taken over by Rabbit Owl Depot at The Woodgrove.)

While hipster cafes and ice-cream parlours have sprouted all around Singapore, the north had been a spot that is sadly neglected by most, until the recent openings of Mootime, Something Sweet, Holy Cow Creamery and Three Lefts Gelato (albeit towards the west at Yew Tee). Woodlands has finally seen the first ice-cream parlour landed in one of the neighbourhoods, and in particular, The Woodgrove.

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We visited Two Plus One during their soft launch phase, where they have stocked up the ice cream display freezer full of flavours, whilst serving up only Classic Waffles for now though their Instagram profile seemed to suggest Charcoal Waffles in the near future. Currently, cold brew coffee by Slayer Coffee is sold here, and during the visit, we have heard one of the owners telling another patron that they do intend to serve hot coffee in the future.

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(Classic Waffles with Creme Brulee ice-cream)

Trying out a few flavours of ice-cream, we have decided on the Creme Brulee ice cream, though we personally felt the King of Fruits (Durian) was actually better with its rich, pungent aroma as well as the Matcha, which was tastefully bitter with red beans. The Creme Brulee somehow seemed to taste like a Rum & Raisin flavour, but the part that seemed to intrigue us into getting this particular flavour was the shards of crystallised sugar that were added into the ice-cream, adding a sweet, glacier crunch to the ice-cream. Classic Waffles were average at best; though wafting with buttermilk fragrance, it featured a somehow dry interior which seemed to make the waffle feel limp when being left for a while. Perhaps they could consider revamping the recipe for the waffle to be a little moister and fluffier for a better texture.

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Choosing to locate themselves in Woodlands, Two Plus One certainly does have an edge over location by being the humble, hole-in-the-wall creamery of the dreamy neighbourhood which seems to be void of the cafe hopping culture, especially if they do get to attract students and families around the area. However, they would have to do a little bit more with their ice-cream flavours by creating a signature unique to themselves and work on their recipes for both the ice-cream flavours and waffles if they would want to attract patrons from other neighbourhoods to visit; after all Woodlands is situated at a far-flung corner of the island only few would want to make a special visit to (especially for the Easties and Central residents who have a lot more better options). That to say, it would be interesting to see how Two Plus One would fare amongst the residents of the neighbourhood it is in; let’s hope that they would be able to refine themselves with time to make themselves a name that Woodlands residents would be proud of.

Two Plus One
The Woodgrove
30 Woodlands Avenue 1
Singapore 739065

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