The Coffee Academics Singapore – Scotts Square

The Coffee Academics is an award-winning coffeeshop with five outlets in Hong Kong, and has expanded into Singapore with their first outlet situated at Scotts Square near Orchard Road.

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Decked in an industrial-chic style, the cafe’s decor carries a slightly different vibe to those we have seen around; somehow more similar to the cafes in Thailand with spaced-out furnishings, minimalist without being too simple, but carried a touch of oriental flavour and a touch of nature. Known for their stellar coffee, expect a wide variety of coffee served here from the usual espresso-based coffee to handbrews and even a menu featuring “globally inspired coffee”. There is also a selection of brunch items, such as eggs, pancakes and even tacos for those who are looking for something to fill up the stomach.

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(Scrambled Eggs with Crayfish)

Scrambled Eggs with Crayfish comes with crayfish chunks, caviar scrambled eggs and Beurre Noisette atop sourdough bread with some greens on the side. This was a simple dish, with a light portion that saves your stomach for desserts. Scrambled eggs were quite decent, though the crayfish chunks despite being fresh felt like they require a little bit more seasoning/marination for they were a tad bland. The caviar gives the dish a umami kick with a bursting sensation, while the Beurre Noisette added a buttery savouriness to the sourdough bread.

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(Academic Cinnamon Churros)

Our Academic Cinnamon Churros came with vanilla gelato, though on the menu it seemed to have stated that it came with a TCA Blend Gelato (several Instagram posts also shows a scoop of brown coloured ice-cream served with the Churros). Each serving comes with four sticks that are deep-fried, covered in a generous amount of cinnamon sugar, while a chocolate dip comes at the side. These were rather addictive; crisp and sweet while being firm, but not too hard and went well with both the smooth and creamy vanilla gelato and the thick and bittersweet chocolate dip.

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(Pepper Agave Latte)

One of the more unique espresso-based coffee that they serve here would be the Pepper Agave Latte; a concoction featuring latte with Agave Nectar and grounded black pepper. While the combination might seem to be odd on print, this turned out to be rather impressive. The Agave Nectar gave the cup of coffee a tinge of natural sweetness that left a clean taste to the tounge, while the grounded pepper added a little hint of peppery spiciness that was pretty intriguing.

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(Flat White)

Flat White was also stellar; the cuppa featured a low acidity at the start, but came with a medium body with earthy and nutty flavour profiles. No doubt it was a good perk-me-up, but after having the Pepper Latte Agave, this just somehow pales in comparison.

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While the quality of the coffee served here is pretty stellar, the prices here seemed to be on the pricey side with the bill amounting to around $62 for two; that’s considering that it was two pax sharing a single main and still left hungry afterwards. Service was also rather haphazard even for a new place that seemed to be slammed with the crowd; our Flat White actually took an hour to arrive after asking the staff three times, two of which we were asking one of the staff and the reply was “I will check with them” and never came back letting us know about anything. We have also asked a separate wait staff for a knife for my dining partner, but the knife never came eventually. The churros, which is in the dessert menu also arrived a good 20 minutes ahead of the brunch item. Good coffee, and a good reputation might draw customers to try, but good service makes customers patrons return; The Coffee Academics would have to review and improve on their service standards for us to return, especially with such high prices that makes it even a bigger drawback to return.

The Coffee Academics Singapore
Scotts Square
6 Scotts Road
Singapore 228209

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  1. annon.. says:

    I had pretty much exactly the same experience. haven’t been back since.

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