Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s – The Club (Closed)

(Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s had since ceased operations.)

Restored from a building built in the 1900s, The Club Hotel is a new boutique hotel situated at Ann Siang Hill owned by Harry’s International that not only houses the hotel, but also a couple of interesting dining concepts such as Tiger’s Milk (a rooftop bar), the second outpost of The Disgruntled Chef from Dempsey and Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s amongst others.

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Mr & Mrs Maxwell is The Club Hotel’s lounge which operates as a cafe in the day, but turns itself into a bar by night. Opened from 7am to 2:30am the subsequent afternoon, expect all-day breakfast served here all the way to dinner hours, while the lunch/dinner items are served all the way from lunch hours all the way to last order. Food items mainly revolve around western brunch for the all-day breakfast menu such as the Maxwell’s Breakfast Fry Up and the Blueberry & Banana Pancakes, while the lunch menu features local delights like the Lamb Rendang or the Seafood Mee Goreng.

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(Mini Eggs Benedict)

From the all-day breakfast menu, we ordered the Mini Eggs Benedict which features five mini Benedict; mini-Brioche that comes with prosciutto ham topped with a poached quail egg and a dollop of Hollandaise sauce on the top. The brioche carried a tinge of sweetness with a cake-like texture; something pretty signature of Brioche bread, while the prosciutto ham gave the dish its savoury and smoky flavour, while being rather fresh without being at any bit slimy. All five of the poached quail eggs passed the test; all of them flowy when poked and the hollandaise sauce was a tad bland at the start, but the tanginess slowly comes in only slightly afterwards. While the idea of this dish looks rather fun and definitely works as a canape to be shared within a group, the presentation seemed terribly lacking for an establishment of such calibre; the Benedict seemed rather haphazardly placed and the plating just felt a tad too plain.

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(Poached Sakura Chicken Roulade)

Giving the local favourite Hainanese Chicken Rice a unique twist, the Poached Sakura Chicken Roulade comes atop Jasmine Rice, topped with their own blend of spring onion and ginger and greens at the side. Presented in a roll, the poached chicken was surprisingly tender and succulent, being soft to the bit yet having just the right moisture. Despite being subtle in flavour, the spring onion and ginger gave the chicken some moisture. Jasmine Rice was rather fragrant and not oily, yet able to capture the essence of the chicken stock that it was cooked in. Greens were fresh and crunchy, while doused in a savoury sauce topped with fried shallots for a crunch. Packing a punch was the accompaying chili sauce, not shy of heat and carried a tinge of tanginess. The chili was so good that I ended up finishing the rice with it.

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(Fried Ice Cream)

For dessert we went for the Fried Ice Cream, which also came with caramalised fried bananas and a butterscotch sauce. Despite taking a long time for photography (nearly 10 minutes), it was interesting to note that even though most of the ice-cream had already melted, some parts of it were still cold and were not completely liquid. Vanilla ice-cream was creamy and rich, but we were a tad disappointed that it did not contain specks of Vanilla beans; something we thought a place of such a calibre should have used in their ice-cream. The golden-brown fried batter provided a tinge of savouriness to the ice-cream. Seemingly using oats in the frying batter for the bananas, the bananas were fried till soft in the inside and were pretty sweet, while the exterior was crunchy. Butterscotch sauce was subtly sweet, but we thought that the sauce was not really required for the entire dish as the individual elements were decent and of reasonable sweetness by themselves.

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It seems to be a tad hard to call Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s a cafe; despite the all-day breakfast menu and beverages such as espresso-based coffee available here, the decor and the price range definitely feels out of the cafe spectrum, perhaps targeting on the guests of the boutique hotel and the slightly upscale crowd whom frequents this area often which is why it operates as a lounge during after-hours. For those with a little money to spare, perhaps you might want to try the local delights as opposed to the all-day breakfast items offered as the former seemed better than the latter.

Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s
28 Ann Siang Road
Singapore 069708

Web Page:


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