Archipelago Creamery – Nanyang Community Centre (Closed)

(Archipelago Creamery had since ceased operations.)

It had always been said that the western end of Singapore is often left out of the cafe scene, but Archipelago Creamery is one ice-cream parlour that had recently sprouted in the Nanyang neighbourhood at Jurong West, housed within the grounds of Nanyang Community Centre.

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For an ice-cream parlour, Archipelago Creamery is pretty large and spacious; a long counter displaying the various flavours available takes the front space while the main kitchen area is a short flight of stairs above the seating area at the end of the shop space. Decked in a nautical-themed decor, the ice-cream parlour adopts a white with Tiffany Blue colour scheme with tables with wood table tops with several nautical-themed ornaments around the cafe. Being an ice-cream parlour, Archipelago Creamery serves several items to pair with their ice-cream from Waffles to Shibuya Toast, as well as sweet pancakes if you are ever craving for anything sweet for breakfast.

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(Chocolate Hazelnut Shibuya Toast)

Both my dining partner and I decided to share a Shibuya Toast which comes in four different variants; Chocolate Banana, Mixed Berries, Chocolate Hazelnut and Strawberry Shortcake. Each variant comes with a choice of two scoops of ice-cream, of which we chose the Shangri-Latte and the Tali-Bourbon flavours; the latte was a coffee-flavoured ice-cream which tasted very alike a frappe while the Tali-Bourbon was subtle yet dreamy with light Bourbon Whiskey flavour. We opted for the Chocolate Hazelnut flavour, which saw the Shibuya Toast come with chocolate sauce, strawberries blueberries, granola chunks, hazelnuts and honey drizzle at the side in a small jar. Despite being toasted in the oven, the Shibuya Toast was not overly dry, yet crusty for the exterior, while the buttered bread cubes within were light in flavour; soft and fluffy. We couldn’t get over how much quality ingredients was being used for the Shibuya Toast; the large blueberries, the Wild Honey to drizzle and the whole hazelnuts; there is no denying that there is so much good stuff going on in there that we were at one point left speechless for how different it tastes. In fact, the wild honey drizzle was so soothing that it makes it so easy to finish the toast for it does not attempt to sting the throat with its sweetness.

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(Flat White)

Using a blend from Two Degrees North Coffee Co, the Flat White here is smooth with a fruity body and a nutty finish. Flat White is off-the-menu here, but you could perhaps try requesting it to see if they might do one for you.

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The west had rarely seen any hidden gems in the cafe scene, but Archipelago Creamery seems to have the potential to be one. No doubt the food here is not going to be a game-changer, but this is one place that you can see and sense the effort as well as the passion behind the food; the pride of their desserts shown with the use of quality and premium ingredients in what they have to offer which makes the difference in the overall feel of the food. This is a spot that I would want to see them work for how much personality and character it has as an ice-cream parlour, with the amount of hard work behind the scenes by the owners, but given the unique location they are in, it would be interesting to see if they are able to draw crowds to the far end of Singapore for their desserts. I would be back some day though if I am in the area or if I have strong cravings for them (which I think might develop); definitely want to try out their Strawberry Shortcake Shibuya Toast as well as their Waffles!

Archipelago Creamery
Nanyang Community Centre
60 Jurong West Street 91
Singapore 649040

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  1. joey says:

    is it halal ?

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      Unfortunately I don’t think they are 😦

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