Pince & Pints – Duxton Road

Opened in mid 2014, Pince & Pints is an American diner concept which is known to sell value-for-money Lobster Rolls, being pitched as a “Lobster Restaurant & Bar” situated in the CBD alongside other fancy bars and restaurants at Duxton Road.

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Decked out in just like how a American diner would be like, expect a slightly cramped layout featuring booth seats with marble-top tables and wooden chairs with cushion, all decked out in a consistent dark wood, red and white colour theme with By now, most would have already known that Pince & Pints serves Lobster Rolls; one of their best selling items which is widely-raved online. Apart from the Lobster Roll, Pince & Pints also offers two other lobster dishes; the Live Whole Lobster where you can opt for the lobster to be grilled or steamed or the Chili Lobster which is essentially another reiteration of Singapore’s favourite Chili Crab with a lobster twist.

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(The Lobster Roll)

I went for The Lobster Roll that also came with Chef’s Salad, Straight Cut Fries and Garlic Aioli at the side; the Garlic Aioli more for a dip for the fries. This is essentially served the Connecticut-style, which also meant that the Lobster Roll is served cold. Buttered before being toasted, the Brioche carries a light sweetness following a buttery flavour, being light and fluffy while maintaining crispness on the sides. Lobster chunks were aplenty, generous and really plump and fresh; you could literally feel the bite that each chunk gives and the bursting freshness which this lobster roll seems to emphasise a lot on. The fries that came at the side were fried till golden-brown, seasoned in just the right amount of salt and was crispy with every bite; goes very well in the Garlic Aioli which has a light but evident punch of garlic amidst the buttery flavours. Even the accompanying Chef Salad is wonderful; fresh greens with a tangy dressing, yet going in perfectly were the crunchy and juicy watermelon cubes which injected a melon sweetness into the salad, as well as some nuts for a crunch.

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(The Truffle Roll)

Running from 14 September 2015, The Truffle Roll is a special that is served only for a limited time. Bearing much similarity to The Lobster Roll in terms of components served, The Truffle Roll comes with Chef’s Salad, Straight Cut Fries but Truffle Butter sauce instead of Garlic Aioli for the dip for the fries. The similarity is only skin-deep; The Truffle Roll is a rather different roll altogether in terms of execution; the lobster had been pan-seared which meant that this was meant to be served hot lobster roll. Topped with Truffle Caviar and shaved truffles, The Truffle Roll definitely will get into the hearts of any truffle lover out there; the earthy and aromatic flavours seem to work very well on the lobster chunks, which thankfully were still really chunky and carried the bite despite being pan-seared while being a bit more smokier in flavour. While the brioche bun is also buttered and toasted, the bun felt more buttery than the previous; perhaps it was done in such a way to allow the truffle flavour to stand out more. Again, the fries were crisp and well-seasoned in salt, but we really enjoyed the Truffle Butter for it was way more savoury, way more addictive with that heavy earthiness that just strikes you on first taste that keeps you craving for more. Chef’s Salad was no different from the one served with The Lobster Roll, which is pretty refreshing.

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A lot of friends came asking me about how value-for-money it actually is, given that Pince & Pints recently revamped its pricing upwards and it does seem a tad pricey on the menu before we made the visit (I was the unwilling party from the start haha). However, if you are dying to try a Lobster Roll which would satisfy at a somewhat comfortable price range as compared to other seafood establishments, Pince & Pints is pretty worth the try; I find the Lobster Rolls here pretty worth having at least once in your life.

Pince & Pints
32 Duxton Road
Singapore 089497

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